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Decor Inspired by Fashion Magazine Covers

Do you have stacks and stacks of old magazines with whom you just cannot part? Are you a fashion buff with closets filled with fancy clothes and accessories? If you are, then why not proudly show off your elegant clothes and decorate your home at the same time? Get inspired by fashion and make your home as elegant and stylish as you are.

Frame your favorite Magazine Covers

Magazine covers can be a great source of art and decor. Cut out vintage covers, frame them and arrange them around the house. Stick to one theme to avoid too much color and mess, and hang your new artwork above your bed, dressers, or even in the kitchen. Old record covers also make a great artsy decoration, so frame a few of them and immortalize your idols. Another great inspiration for bringing fashion into your home is cutting out fashion photographs from glossies and displaying them in plain frames. The same thing you can do with ads for big designer clothes, perfumes, and makeup. Organize any of these in shapes and patterns on your walls and bring elegance and style into your home.

Show off your Shoe Collection

If you cannot wear every pair of shoes every day, it does not mean you cannot look at them.  Set up a few small display shelves at different heights on your walls, and proudly present your beauties. A few acrylic boxes with your favorite shoes can also be arranged around the house and bring style and love for shoes into your home.

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However, if you do not want to spread them around the house you can simply organize them into a glass shoe closet and put them in your living room. This way you will always know where your shoes are, and they will make a nice artsy addition to your home decor.

Show off you Shoe Collection

Treat your Clothes like Art

Some clothes really deserve to be treated like art. If you have any such pieces, consider putting them in a frame and displaying them in your living room. However, clothes do not have to be absolutely stunning to become a decoration in your home. Hang a row of jeans on an orderly set of hooks and above them put up a few framed photographs and bring a whole new look to your room. Sometimes, running out of closet space could be a good thing, since you can introduce interesting decor by hanging your shirts and blazers onto a sleek rack and putting them on a display. Another way of bringing color and pattern into your home decor is framing some of your stylish scarves and putting them up on the wall. For a more stylish effect on your clothes, you can mount a couple of wall lights in different colors and create a cozier atmosphere.

Treat your Clothes like Art

Mount a Magazine Rack

Being a fashion lover includes tons of magazines just lying around your house. Since this is kind of messy, you can look after your local bistros and set up a stylish magazine rack in the seating area and arrange the latest issues of your favorite magazines. This will bring color into your home, and you can enjoy your morning cup of coffee comfortably while going through your organized magazines.

Mount a Magazine Rack

Expose your Jewelry

Jewelry of any kind can be a great addition to your fun decor. Set up some orderly hooks below your window and neatly hang your necklaces. You can also put your bracelets on a bracelet rack and leave them on the dresser. Pin your stylish earrings on a board and complete the jewelry display in your room. All of these accessories can introduce texture and color to your room, making it more alive and unique. If you do not want to expose that much jewelry, you can simply organize them into vintage and decorative boxes, and leave just a few of the pieces outside, for a better look and style.

Expose your Jewelry

As you can see, none of your fashionable pieces have to or should stay in the dark closet. Let the fashion inspire you and trigger your creativity for creating a more interesting interior design and comfort for your home.

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