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Delivering Excellence in DNA Oligos: Tsingke’s Commitment to Molecular Biology

Tsingke, a leading name in synthetic genomics, revolutionizes molecular biology with its high-quality DNA oligos. These short, single-stranded DNA molecules, typically comprising 20 to 30 base pairs, play a crucial role in a wide range of molecular biology applications. From PCR amplification and gene cloning to sequencing and gene expression analysis, DNA oligos from Tsingke provide researchers with the tools they need for accurate and reliable results.

The Versatility of DNA Oligos: Fueling Molecular Biology Advancements

DNA oligos from Tsingke serve as indispensable tools in various molecular biology experiments. Their versatility allows researchers to perform critical tasks such as amplifying specific DNA sequences through polymerase chain reaction (PCR), cloning genes of interest, and analyzing gene expression patterns. By providing researchers with highly specific and custom-designed DNA oligos, Tsingke empowers them to unlock new discoveries and drive advancements in the field.

Tsingke’s Commitment to Quality: Ensuring Accurate and Reliable Results

As a leader in synthetic genomics, Tsingke places a strong emphasis on delivering DNA oligos of the highest quality. Rigorous quality control measures are implemented at every step, starting from the selection of raw materials to the synthesis and purification processes. Tsingke’s state-of-the-art facilities and cutting-edge technologies enable precise and error-free synthesis, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of the DNA oligos. Researchers can trust Tsingke’s DNA oligos to consistently deliver reproducible results for their molecular biology experiments.


Tsingke’s DNA oligos are indispensable tools that fuel advancements in molecular biology research. With their versatility and high-quality standards, Tsingke empowers researchers to perform critical tasks with confidence. From PCR amplification and gene cloning to gene expression analysis and beyond, DNA oligos from Tsingke enable accurate and reliable results. By choosing Tsingke, researchers gain access to superior DNA oligos that pave the way for groundbreaking discoveries and drive progress in the field of molecular biology.

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