Experience Making 1/2 Handicap Win Big With New88 Experts

Handicap 1/2 is no longer unfamiliar to long-time, experienced players in the market. However, not everyone knows how to bet and always win. If you also don’t know what to do, follow this article from Home page new88 for more detailed information.

What is 1/2 handicap?

This type is also known as a half bet, draw handicap or 0.5 bet. The format is very popular in the soccer betting world and is participated by many players. However, not everyone understands the characteristics of the 1/2 handicap to easily win.

This form is often seen in football matches where the two participating sides have a difference in strength. At this time, the house will provide a handicap so that the match is balanced between the two sides. The stronger team (upper chance) will have to accept the weaker team (lower chance) by 0.5 points. As long as the side the player bet on wins by one goal, the bonus will belong to the player. 

Experience in betting with a 1/2 handicap to win against the house

Although this form is quite simple, to win more easily, players still need to possess some good experience. This genre often appears at major tournaments around the world. Below are a few easy-to-win tips from experts that you can apply:

  • If you see that the home team is placed on the upper side, the ranking on the rankings is higher than the opponent and handicap the away team by 1/2 goal. At this time, players should bet money on the upper hand to easily win.
  • Bet on the home team when you see that the strength of both sides is equal, there is not much difference in order and the underdog has a handicap of 0.5 goals.
  • If the match takes place on a neutral field, you should pay money for the team that experts consider to be stronger.
  • When the 1/2 handicap is on the upper side, but during the match, the weaker team scores. At this time, members should bet on the underdog.
  • Don’t put money down right from the first minute, watch the match for at least 15 minutes. Because you will have more time to be sure of your own judgment because a football match often has many unexpected situations. That helps bettors increase their win rate and win prize money.

Compare 1/2 odds and ¾ odds

On the market today there are many different forms of play for you to choose from. However, each genre will possess unique characteristics that require participants to learn carefully so as not to lose money unjustly. The most popular sports categories at many online bookmakers in the market are handicaps of 0.5 and ¾ left. To know the difference between these two forms, please follow the following article.

Bet 1/2

The 0.5 format is completely different from the ¾ handicap bet. Here, when the two teams participating in the competition have a difference in strength, the stronger or upper team will have to accept a handicap of 0.5 points for the weak side (underdog). That will help balance the match, players who bet on their favorite team will not suffer a loss.

When betting on this form, if you put down money on the upper hand and win the match. To get a huge bonus when placing a 1/2 handicap, the stronger team must have a winning result by one goal or more to be considered successful. The special feature of this genre is that there is no draw, so the player can only win or lose money.
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Odds ¾

This form is also known by another name: half one handicap, 0.5/1 or 0.75. Here, the stronger team will have a handicap of less than 0.75 left when the match starts. One point where the 3/4 category is completely different from the 1/2 handicap is that if the upper bet wants to win, it must have a difference of at least 2 goals. For these odds, you should choose to bet on the underdog because the win rate will be much higher. Situations that can happen in this type of game:

  • If the player bets on the upper hand and wins with a difference of 1 goal, he will win half the money. If you pay for the lower door, you lose half the money.
  • Comparing with the 1/2 bet, if the upper hand wins with a difference of more than 2 goals, the bettor receives all the bonus money.
  • In case the match results in a draw, the team with the higher handicap will lose and lose all money.


The above article shares details about the 1/2 handicap that you need to know. Please research carefully before participating in betting to win valuable bonuses, making your betting experience more interesting. Thinking carefully, collecting and analyzing the information you have is the key for bettors to make the most accurate judgments.

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