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Get Your Walls “Frozen”

So, the Disney Company did it again. From “The Lion King” all the way to the recent incredibly popular cartoons, this company is the best at what it does, and that is to invoke tender feelings and emotions, even to make us cry. I’ll admit it, I cried like a baby while watching “The Lion king”. All of their cartoons are very fond and dear to me, and for quite some time, I was thinking of a way to keep these memories alive.

And then, I realized. My daughters were watching Frozen, Disney’s newest masterpiece with me, and the younger asked me to draw Elsa and Anna on their walls. I said yes.


The best way to start is to pick a unique design which will reflect your image in the best way, and simply follow that idea to the end. Plan what you desire to achieve, and make sure that you have enough material and time, so there won’t be any drawbacks. The walls are your largest concern, but you can add a few more touches, so that everything else will be compact, and will fit right in. Pick beddings with the winter print, or a mirror with a frame that resembles snowflakes. Possibilities are endless, and again, your imagination is crucial. If you lack some of it, ask your children what they would like, for they might have some great ideas.


It is quite possible that you will need to repaint your walls, so that room will resemble the kingdom of Arendelle and the impression of winter overall. Use white and blue colours as well as their shades combined, to make the unique feeling of a cartoon revived. If, on the other hand, you are less keen on painting, there is always the possibility to hire a professional painting services company, which will make sure that colour is even and equal. It would look nice to use wall stickers, which can be obtained quite easily, and anyone can put them on the wall. You can go with the characters, or with more abstract lines and floral patterns. Or, if you are a bit talented, you can use a brush and colours, and paint something on your own. There was a heart-warming quote saying: “Some people are worth melting for.”, and it would be a great idea to have this quote drawn above the bed.

In addition, painting a huge blue crystal-like snowflake across the whole ceiling would look really good, for it will add additional touch and feeling of unification of style.

Also, you can find LED lights in white and blue colours and hang them on the wall, so they can serve as night lighting, and it will nicely fit right in. Playing with lights and shadows can create great moments, for the room will look different during the day, then overnight.

So, with everything said taken into consideration, are you ready to let it go?

To do something really special for your children is an incredibly good feeling, and you will definitely be happy when all the work is complete. I enjoyed finishing this project, and my heart simply melted when I saw the smile and happiness on my daughter’s face.

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