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Important Facts about Foundation Repair

The most important thing to do while repairing a foundation of the house is to transfer or shift the weight of the structure to the rocks and soil which lie beneath. One of the important reasons why your house needs foundation repair is the improper settling of the foundation. It is very important to note that foundation settling can cause a devaluation of foundation repair structures thus making them unsafe. Another important reason might be the unsuspected or undetected air pockets in the ground below where the construction of your house has taken place. Another reason might be that the building is built on expansive clay, the soil fills are not properly compacted, or there might be improper maintenance of the land around the foundation.

Mostly old homes require foundation repairs as they are more susceptible to foundation problems. If your house is located in a semi-arid region then they are more susceptible. The cause might be anything, if you mind any sign or foundation distress then don’t delay and try to get the problem solved as fast as possible. If you wait longer then the damage might be intense and it just so happens that the foundation of your house sinks and cause further damage.

When there are cracked walls or bulging or the doors do not close properly then the building requires foundation repair. This usually happens when a part of the foundation of the building heaves or settles, cracks start forming on the foundation. These cracks might be the result of expansive soils. The exterior warning signs that you get of improper settling of the floor are usually displaced moldings, rotation of the walls, cracked bricks, separation around the doors, and separation around the windows from the walls. Other warning signs might be cracks on the floor or improper alignment of the windows and doors and sheetrock.

The two common methods you would find for lifting a sunken concrete foundation are slab jacking and piering. Basically, piering is used to fix the concrete foundation by placing a support from underground that would help to support and lift the concrete. Here hydraulic jacks are used and steel posts are driven to unstable soil, to deal with the compressive strength of the concrete.

If you follow piering method then it usually takes around 21 to 30 days to complete the foundation repair of the building (the amount of time depends on the weather and soil conditions).On the other hand slab jacking would fill the space that is under the slab with a grout mixture which usually floats and helps the foundation to come back to its original position. This actually provides a lifting force that positions the slab back to its original position. The amount of sand should be carefully added to the grout and should be perfect in amount.

It is always advisable to consult a professional as he/she would be able to tell you about the most suitable method and sort your foundation problems. Foundation repair sometimes turns out to be quite costly, so do not forget to get an estimated budget. But whatever the expenses maybe do not forget that this investment is to protect your biggest investment, your home.

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