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JUNTY’s SiC Mechanical Seal: Unleashing the Power of Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide (SiC) holds an esteemed position among high-performance tribomaterials, and for more than 25 years, it has captivated the market with its exceptional characteristics. JUNTY presents its SiC mechanical seal lineup, harnessing the unrivaled potential of this remarkable material. With a fusion of cutting-edge design and the extraordinary properties of SiC, JUNTY’s mechanical seal offers a reliable solution for critical applications across various industries.

Unparalleled Performance

  1. Reaction Bonded Silicon Carbide (RB SiC)

JUNTY’s RB SiC mechanical seal stands out as an economically efficient choice, presenting an ideal combination of chemical resistance and exceptional wear properties. With its robust corrosion resistance, RB SiC offers longevity and reliability in demanding applications. Furthermore, its low coefficients of friction and thermal expansion ensure stable performance even under extreme conditions. JUNTY’s RB SiC + C composite, fortified with graphite, further enhances tribological performance and lubricity for extended durability.

  1. Sintered Silicon Carbide (SSiC)

For applications involving chemically hostile fluids and high temperatures, JUNTY’s SSiC mechanical seal emerges as the ultimate solution. Comprising no free silicon, SSiC guarantees unparalleled resistance to corrosive agents, making it a reliable choice for critical processes. With its impeccable thermal conductivity and hardness surpassing that of tungsten carbide, JUNTY’s SSiC mechanical seal ensures exceptional performance in extreme operating conditions, assuring longevity and efficiency.

Graphite-Loaded Silicon Carbide

An exclusive addition to JUNTY’s SiC mechanical seal range, graphite-loaded silicon carbide seal faces further elevate performance levels. By blending silicon carbide with free graphite, JUNTY maximizes tribological performance and introduces enhanced lubricity. Whether it’s RB SiC + C or SSiC + C, this composite amalgamation exemplifies JUNTY’s commitment to innovation and pushing the boundaries of mechanical seal technology.


JUNTY’s SiC mechanical seals, built upon the formidable foundation of silicon carbide, epitomize excellence in tribomaterial engineering. Offering superior corrosion resistance, exceptional wear resistance, low friction coefficients, and remarkable thermal properties, these seals are engineered to withstand the most demanding applications across industries.

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