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Reasons to Choose HughesNet Satellite Internet Service

In the current era, almost everyone is heavily dependent on the internet in order to stay connected. We have realized the importance of connectivity even more after approximately two years of the Covid 19 lockdowns. In fact, thanks to technology and the internet since it has also become easier for nomads to stay connected with fellow nomads. Internet connects travelers around the world with new people, short-term employers, and new destinations.

From corporate employees to gypsies and nomads, everyone requires at least some form of internet connectivity. When it comes to the US, different connection types are being offered in different parts of the country. Additionally, considering how huge the US is, the areas that face the most issue in terms of internet connectivity are remote and rural, mostly by the border. In that case, HughesNet internet is a huge blessing for people living in remote and rural America.

HughesNet is America’s number one choice when it comes to satellite internet for many reasons. The service comes with limited speed but high coverage, widespread availability, and good prices and plans. These features altogether make HughesNet one of the best satellite internet services in the US.

We wouldn’t ask you to subscribe to HughesNet because of its widespread availability, but for the advanced features and perks it comes with. Here are all the top factors that make HughesNet internet the best choice!

Perfect for Rural and Remote Areas

Besides the fact that HughesNet’s service is available almost all across the US, it is best for areas that don’t have access to other kinds of internet services. While all major cities already have access to fiber, DSL, and cable internet services, HughesNet’s satellite internet is everywhere.

Besides, they have actively been working on their speeds, which is why people in the remotest areas in the US can also easily access high-speed internet. The internet service is available from coast to coast almost everywhere. However, the availability of offers may vary from area to area.

Flexible Pricing and Plans

When it comes to knowing all about service, plans and pricing are people’s initial concerns. So, before moving on to the other features and factors, we will briefly give you an overview of HughesNet internet plans.

As you know, HughesNet internet plans have pretty much the same speeds everywhere. The pricing of the plans depends on the data that you may need. If you are an individual user, you can work with a lower data allowance, but if you have a larger family, you can check the higher data plans. Besides, the all-new Fusion plans are great if you are working from home or taking virtual classes, and require low-latency plans.

The HughesNet plans start from a 15 GB data allowance and go up to 100 GB. The pricing is pretty decent and you can get a 25% discount on plans higher than 15 GB for 6 months. Apart from that, the Fusion plans are 50 GB and 100 GB. These plans are low latency satellite internet plans that are a combination of Satellite + wireless home internet to provide you with a smoother and steadier internet connection.

HughesNet Gen 5 is Advanced Satellite Technology

Another thing to know is that HughesNet actively keeps working on internet speeds. The provider’s most recent and advanced version is HughesNet Gen 5. After the Gen 5 system’s spread, the provider has now started working towards the combination of satellite and wireless technologies. Doing this will help reduce the latency and other kinds of bugs that might come with satellite internet.

The latest HughesNet satellite is the renowned EchoStar XIX, which gets you faster than-ever internet speeds. So, if you are double-minded about the internet speed and the kind of technology HughesNet uses, you don’t need to worry.

Decent Speeds

As we discussed, HughesNet’s speeds are almost the same for every area. All HughesNet internet plans come with download speeds of up to 25 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 3 Mbps. The provider had lower speeds before this, but as we said, they are actively working on the satellite technology so that they can provide ultra-fast speeds through satellite any time soon.

Not only will this allow access to faster speeds but also ensure that the speeds are up to par with FCC standards.

No Hard Data Limits

The best thing to know about HughesNet is that they are super flexible and lenient with the data allowance. The HughesNet internet plans have the same speeds but different data allowances, which allows you to choose the data limit that suits you most. The range of data is from 15 GB to 100 GB per month but there are no hard limits on that data.

However, there are many other flexibilities in terms of data that you need to know before choosing your internet plan. Well, if you do happen to exceed the data limit, you don’t have to pay any overage charges. Once you exceed the data limit, your speed may go down a little, but you will be able to use the internet for the rest of your billing cycle.

Besides, if you really need the original higher speed for your virtual classes or remote work, you can always buy 50GB extra. The extra 50 GB comes at a cost but it will not expire and you can use it as long as it lasts.

Data Saving Features

Apart from the flexibilities mentioned above, you also need to know about the data-saving features that come with HughesNet’s service. For instance, if you are streaming, the quality is adjusted to give you good audiovisual quality and at the same time save data. The built-in smart technologies help load pages faster and use lesser data. Besides that, in order to save data while surfing, the web content is automatically compressed and optimized.

Bonus Zone

Besides not being charged for exceeded data and having the option to buy extra and use the original speed, you have another benefit in terms of data. Every internet plan with HughesNet comes with a Bonus Zone. With the bonus Zone, you get an extra 50 GB of internet data from 2 am to 8 am. You get this extra data along with the data that comes with your internet plan.

So, if you have any heavy games, files, or movies to download, you can schedule them around this time, so that you can save your original data and use the extra for heavy downloads. By keeping all these perks and flexibilities in mind, if you choose your data plan you will not have to worry about exceeded data at all.

Built-In WiFi

All HughesNet internet plans come with built-in WiFi. This includes an advanced WiFi router and an integrated satellite modem. This way everyone in the house can enjoy a secure and steady wireless connection on his or her devices. A professional sent by the provider sets up the WiFi and the installer connects up to two of your devices. The advanced WiFi comes with dual-band technology with the latest WiFi standards that make your internet experience a smoother one.

So, if you are still thinking that it’s going to be a super ancient, lagging internet, it’s not. The provider keeps updating the services and software to always provide you with a great experience. Besides, when it comes to installation and set-up, there is a limited-time offer for free standard installation. So, don’t miss your chance and get the service if you want to enjoy a decent and speedy internet service.

Option to Bundle up DirecTV

HughesNet allows you to bundle up your phone and TV with your internet plans. HughesNet pairs up pretty well with DirecTV, which is America’s number one Satellite TV service. Similar to HughesNet, DirecTV is also available all across the US. This way you have a reliable TV, internet, and a clear view of the Southern sky. Who said living in remote America would isolate you? In our opinion, you can enjoy the wilderness of the remote areas, have access to unlimited entertainment and stay connected, all at the same time.

Just one thing to know about bundling these two services is that you will have to pick an internet plan with a higher data allowance. Since DirecTV comes with over 340 channels as well as 70,000 plus on-demand choices, you are going to need a higher data allowance.

Pair It with HughesNet Voice

A myth about Satellite internet service is that using it ties up your phone line. Well, we are not living in the stone-ages. One thing you need to know about HughesNet is that they deliver two-way, high-speed internet over satellite instead of your telephone line. This allows you to send and receive calls and use the internet at the same time.

So, if you bundle up your internet plan with HughesNet voice, do not worry about the internet going down during calls because HughesNet uses advanced technology for that.

Norton 360 Deluxe

If internet security concerns you in this case, you can count on HughesNet as it allows you to add NortonTM 360 Deluxe to your order. This one-stop security solution is super effective and adds a high layer of security to your devices, protecting them from newly emerging cybersecurity threats. Besides that, if you have a family and kids at home you can manage and keep an eye on their activity so that they are safe from any kind of vulnerable or dark information.

The cloud backup option keeps your data secure. You can also keep your critical credentials safe with the password manager, dark web monitoring ensures your information is private and not floating on such platforms, and lastly SafeCam alerts you of any unauthorized attempts being made to access your webcam.

Adding Norton 360 Deluxe can secure your online presence in the best way possible, so that you can use your internet free of any worries regarding cybersecurity threats and breaches.

Customer Service

We understand how customer service and responsiveness are a big concern when you are using satellite internet in a rural or remote area. With HughesNet, you not only get 24/7 customer service in terms of services but also product relates issues and after-sales customer experience.

So, be it a service-related issue, a problem with connectivity, or anything technical or non-technical, the HughesNet customer service team is ever ready to assist you with it. Besides calling, you can chat live, send them an email, check out HughesNet forums, and also connect with them on social media.

In Conclusion

From Alaska to Puerto Rico, HughesNet is a pretty decent internet service provider for anyone living in the US. The Satellite service, availability, and speeds are getting better with every passing day to provide consumers with a smoother internet experience.

HughesNet provides advanced and innovative solutions, which is why anyone in rural and remote areas should definitely go for the service. Just be sure to subscribe to the right internet plan. In that case, we hope we have covered all the things that you should know about HughesNet Satellite internet service.

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