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Sleek Design and Smart Features: Ledia Lighting’s Sensor Light for Cupboard

Ledia Lighting extends an invitation to its distributors and agents to explore the innovative world of sensor lights for cupboards. Designed to enhance convenience and functionality, Ledia Lighting presents the Sensor Light for cupboard-Lightsaber A08, a remarkable 5V rechargeable single color temperature light with PIR and hand-waving sensors. With touchless operation and versatile applications, this sensor light opens up a world of possibilities for effortless illumination in cupboards.

Effortless Operation

Say goodbye to fumbling for switches or buttons! Ledia Lighting’s sensor light for cupboards incorporates a hand-waving sensor, allowing for touchless operation. Simply wave your hand in front of the sensor, and the light will turn on or off, providing effortless and intuitive control.

Motion-Sensing Convenience

Featuring a PIR (Passive Infrared) sensor, this sensor light offers hands-free functionality. The light will automatically switch on when it detects motion, eliminating the need for manual operation. When no motion is detected, the light will intelligently turn off, ensuring energy efficiency and convenience.

Rechargeable and Long Standby Time

Equipped with a reliable Li-Battery, Ledia Lighting’s sensor light offers extended standby time and eliminates the need for frequent battery replacements. With the included charging cable, the light can be easily recharged, ensuring continuous illumination when needed.

Unique Housing Design

Ledia Lighting prides itself on uniqueness and differentiation. The sensor light’s low-profile housing design adds a touch of sophistication to any cupboard. With its easily detachable feature, users can effortlessly take it down for cleaning or reinstallation as desired.


Ledia Lighting’s sensor lights for closets revolutionizes the way people illuminate their storage spaces. With touchless operation through the hand-waving sensor and motion-sensing capabilities, this light provides effortless illumination for various applications. The rechargeable Li-Battery ensures long standby time and easy recharging, while the magnetic installation simplifies setup and adjustments. The unique housing design adds aesthetic appeal, further enhancing the ambiance of cupboards.

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