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Unleashing Performance on the Road: Techking’s Semi Steer Tires

For every head of a mining company or truck owner, the durability and performance of the tires of the vehicles used is a crucial factor due to the environmental ground in which they are located. This is where Techking‘s Semi Steer Tires come into play, providing unmatched quality and reliability on the road. With a focus on reinforced wear proof compounds and superior tractive pattern designs, Techking ensures that their tires deliver optimal performance in every aspect.

Durability That Lasts: Reinforced Wear Proof Compound

Techking understands the importance of wear proof compounds in semi steer tires. These compounds play a vital role in enhancing the tire’s resistance to wear and tear, ultimately increasing its lifespan. With Techking’s innovative approach to reinforcing tire wear resistance, their semi steer tires stand out from the competition. The wear proof compound used by Techking not only improves durability but also reduces the need for frequent tire replacements, saving both time and money for fleet owners.

Superior Traction for Optimal Performance: Tractive Pattern Design

Traction is a critical factor in the performance of semi steer tires. Techking takes pride in  SUPER DM TBR‘s tractive pattern design, offering unmatched grip and stability on various road surfaces. Whether it’s wet, dry, or uneven terrain, Techking’s tractive patterns ensure maximum traction, allowing drivers to maneuver their vehicles with confidence. By enhancing safety and efficiency, Techking’s tractive patterns contribute to overall operational success.


Techking’s Super DM TBR range of semi steer tires exemplifies its commitment to delivering quality products. The advanced design of these tires, including the reinforced wear compound and traction tread design appealed to the heads of many mining companies, thus showing that this tire is a good choice for these companies that adapt to the demanding ground.

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