Ways to play phom cards

Introduction to phom card game

In the world of online card games, phom is a favorite game for its simplicity and fun. And among many online card game platforms, phom has emerged as a notable name.

So what is phom? Phom, also known as la ta la, tu lo kho ta la, is a card game loved by many people. When playing phom or 9-card phom, players will try to steal other players’ cards or try to pick cards from the pile to create their own phom cards.
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Some common terms used in phom

  • Phom: These are decks of cards with 3 consecutive cards of the same suit or 3 cards of the same rank.
  • Junk cards: When playing phom, players will throw away junk cards, these are cards that they think cannot compete with other cards or do not belong to any phom.
  • Stacks: After the cards are dealt, the remaining cards will be called stings, they will be placed in the middle of the table for players to pick in the rounds.
  • Mom: If everyone finishes the game and at the same time all the cards in the pile have been picked up without any phom, it will be considered a Nom.
  • Buzz: If all 9 cards in your hand form phoms, you buzz and win absolutely.
  • Taking the pin: In the last turn, you will usually release the trash plants and this is the pin.
  •  Compensation: If in the last round, you hit the pin but the next person can win and buzz, you will have to pay the whole village.
  • Re: When playing cards, if the following players take the cards, the trash cards will be changed positions and you will have the right to re-draw the cards.
  • Send: If the previous players have lowered their cards, and now in your hand there is a card that matches their phom, you will have the right to send a card to reduce the score in your hand.

Ways to play phom cards

In Phom card game There are many ways to play but many people still don’t understand how to play, so this article is written How to play Phom cards This will guide everyone to play Phom most accurately.

Phom is divided into two most popular playing styles: simple and standard.

The rules of playing phom are simple

  • Phom follows the basic rules of phom, in which each player tries to make threes or fours from the cards in their hand. Players must arrange the cards to match the order and rules of playing.
  • Each time you play a card, you will lose the card and give the person who took that card 1 bet. In case the card is captured in the last round, you will lose 4 bets.
  • If the next person wins all 3 of your cards and busts, you will have to pay everyone (the whole village).
  • If the last player gets the pin, the person who threw that pin will have to pay for the remaining losers.
  • While playing, if a player is buzzed, the game will end and the other players must pay the buzzer’s bet.

Standard rules of playing phom

  • If the card draws have ended and no one is buzzing, the player needs to play phom immediately. After that, everyone proceeds to add up the points of the junk cards to compare scores with each other. The player with the lowest score wins and gets to bet on the remaining players in order of score.
  • The phom player’s score in case of no buzzing will be calculated with the corresponding numbers in the card. However, for cards A, J, Q and K, the corresponding points will be 1, 11, 12, 13.
  • In case the players have the same number of points, the person who plays their cards first in order will win.
  • The player who has a toothache will be considered the last place winner and must pay the bet to the first person.

How to arrange cards in phom

When playing phom, players need to arrange their cards reasonably and considerately. Correct arrangement of cards will help optimize your chances of winning.

Order of playing cards in phom

Playing order is an important factor in phom. Understanding the order of playing cards will help players make the right decisions and make the most of their chances of winning.

Phom review

Advantages of phom

Phom has outstanding advantages, helping it become a favorite online card game. With a friendly interface, diverse features and attractive winning opportunities, phom has attracted the attention of many players.

Points that need improvement in phom game

Although it has many advantages, the phom card game also needs to improve some aspects to bring a better experience to players. For example, improving application stability, enhancing security systems, and providing better customer support.

How to register and download phom

Instructions for registering a phom account

To participate in playing phom, players need to register an account on the platform.

Instructions for registering an account will help players quickly become a member and experience the game.

How to download and install phom on your phone

To be able to play phom easily, players need to download and install the application on their mobile phones. Detailed instructions on how to download and install phom at Bookmaker New88 will help players experience the game conveniently and quickly.


Phom card game is an attractive and interesting online card game. With simple gameplay, clear card rules and high competitiveness, phom New88 promises to bring unforgettable experiences to card game lovers. Don’t miss the opportunity to challenge yourself and experience phom New88 today!

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