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What to Consider When Renovating a Small Bathroom

You have a tiny bathroom that you want to renovate? Maybe it still has that outdated avocado green tile from the 70s or feels more like a water closet than an oasis. Updating a small bathroom brings its own set of challenges compared to gutting a spacious master bath. With limited real estate to work with, every inch matters when it comes to layout, storage, and making visual magic.

Dream Up Your Wish List

You should start by letting your imagination run wild! Just close your eyes and picture your ideal small bath. What words or phrases come to mind? Spa-like? An airy retreat? A coastal cottage hideaway?

We always tell folks to start by conjuring up that dream vision, no matter how tiny the bathroom is. Get crystal clear on the vibe and aesthetic you’re going for. Bohemian? Classic and elegant? Bold and adventurous? It will guide all the nitty gritty design decisions down the road.

While you’re dreaming, don’t get tripped up fretting over the existing footprint. We have tons of visual tricks to make even the tiniest triangle-shaped powder room feel expansive. For now, simply imagine the atmosphere, finishes, and wow factor you crave

Make Stuff Fit Your Lifestyle


Now, back to reality. As much as you might love the way a luxurious soaker tub looks on Pinterest, is that practical with kids who need showers not bubble baths? Be really honest with yourself about how your family uses the space.

We’ve seen folks sacrifice much-needed storage for a statement piece that doesn’t get used. Meanwhile, every shampoo bottle is sitting on the floor because they have nowhere else to go!

Beyond square footage, also make sure finishes and features suit your lifestyle. If you’re an avid DIYer on a budget, splurging on high-maintenance marble might not be wise. And if you’re never home before 7 pm, scheduling an early morning contractor meeting sounds miserable, right?


Maximize What You’ve Got

In compact quarters, the layout is ultra-important to prevent that sardine-packed feeling. Now is the time to take measurements and create rough sketches mapping out the current setup. Ask yourself:

     Can fixtures and features be rearranged for better flow?

     Are there space-hogging items you rarely use that could go?

     What small tweaks would make daily routines easier?

Sometimes, little changes like widening the shower entrance a few inches or raising low ceilings make a big difference in quality of life. Nothing drastic is needed!

And don’t automatically assume you’re stuck with the existing footprint. Could you steal a couple of square feet from an adjacent room or closet? Knock down a wall? Add a bump out? Get creative!

Even in the tightest scenarios, a better layout and a few smart removals can absolutely transform those awkward, wasted spaces into usable real estate

Pick Surfaces With Purpose

Tile, paint, cabinetry – all those material finishes set the mood while expanding or contracting visual space. So, choose wisely!

Stick with light, neutral hues on walls. It’s classic for a reason: upping the spacious factor. Just don’t be boring – add interest with textures like grasscloth wallpaper or a marble mosaic inset.

If your heart is set on an artsy wallpaper or luxe metallic paint, use it sparingly as an accent wall. The reflective qualities and dramatic color will make the petite room pop without closing it in.

Floor tiles run the risk of chopping up the space visually. Flowing patterns with fewer grout lines maintain that seamless look. A glossy finish also reflects light, enhancing brightness.

Most importantly, keep the overall design cohesive. Any professional service like Home Renovations Brisbane will tell you – too many competing colors, textures, and tile styles feel disjointed and chaotic. It’s never good in tight quarters.

Get Crafty with Storage

Most people’s biggest concern in a small bath: WHERE THE HECK DO I PUT EVERYTHING?

First, get brutally honest about your storage needs. Audit all those mysterious bottles crowding shelves and figure out what’s truly essential on a daily basis versus “just in case” products. Only keep must-haves like cleansers easily accessible.

Next, creatively use every inch, even if that means sacrificing decor. Add narrow corner shelves or floating ledges over the toilet as display space that doubles as storage. Replace vanities with space-saving pedestal sinks to enable freestanding cabinets.

Many vintage finds like repurposed dressers or armoires allow you to stash extra towels and toilet paper rolls with personality. Bonus – no expensive custom build!

And just because it’s a small bath doesn’t mean you can’t have designated his and her sides. Two 25-inch vessels on a shared vanity provide privacy along with a cleaned-up counterspace

Light It Right

A common rookie reno mistake? Neglecting lighting upgrades in favor of trendy finishes. Then, you end up stumbling around, squinting, trying to apply mascara! Proper illumination keeps even the most compact bathroom feeling airy and inviting.

Make sure you have sufficient overall ambient lighting from fixtures like flush mount ceiling lights. But don’t stop there… Consider adding sconces on both sides of the mirror for perfect sightlines when putting on makeup. Under cabinet lighting creates a gorgeous glow for those late nights.

If your current space feels like a dim cave, look at adding windows or a skylight. Nothing like natural sunlight to make tight quarters feel bright and expansive!Select Durable Materials

We’ll wrap up this whirlwind intro to small bath renovations with a quick but critical tip: DO NOT skimp on durability just to save a buck upfront.

With higher traffic plus extensive water and moisture exposure, you need surfaces that stand up to serious wear and tear. Trust us – the last thing you want is grout issues or finish scratches once the work is complete.

Pay attention to ratings for water resistance and scratch-proofing when choosing materials. Don’t shy away from synthetic options like engineered quartz over marble for increased stain protection.

Slightly higher initial material investment pays off exponentially in fewer headaches and expensive repairs down the road. Think long-term!

With careful planning, even the pokiest water closet can become your home’s crown jewel. No project is too small for a BIG design impact!

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