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Work smarter, not harder…

It is important for any DIY’er to know that you should always try to consolidate your work! Work smarter, not harder as my grandfather always said.

In this article at Easy Garage Storage Solutions | The Family Handyman you can read about some really nice garage storage solutions. They give 4 simple ways to help reduce clutter in your garage and get organized and we agree that these steps would help get the job accomplished.

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The article suggests that you install a suspended bike lift and hang suspended shelving from your ceiling joists. Tapping into your ceiling joists in the garage can be a major issue as it can sometimes void warrantees and it is not exactly a safe practice to engage in, especially if you have kids around the house who are often in and out of your garage.

The article also suggests “out-of-the-way ladder storage” and a place to hang a wheelbarrow on the wall as other options to help get organized. They are not necessarily bad ideas, just poorly thought out.

There are better ways to organize and clean your garage and with a garage shelving kit from DIYGarageShelf.com you can certainly knock out all four steps in the referenced article in one fatal swoop. Garage shelving kits from DIYGarageShelf.com are affordable and very effective at tackling garage storage issues.

Instead of trying to install 4 different things in your garage, why not just install a DIYGarageShelf.com well-supported shelving kit that can do all 4 simultaneously? These shelving kits offer a ton of room for storage both above and below the shelving. The room underneath shelving can be used to store everything from a ladder and wheelbarrow to bicycles and fishing rods.

So why install a bunch of storage mechanisms in your garage when you can install just one product and achieve the same results? Come check out DIYGarageShelf.com and see how affordable it can truly be to get your garage organized and in order!

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