XSMB Northern Lottery: 3+ Unbeatable Tips for Sustainable Profits

XSMB Northern Lottery makes all lottery players satisfy their passion for drawing and redeeming prizes every day. A series of mysterious numbers promise to bring countless attractive gifts if you are lucky enough to choose correctly. Complete guide from experts Hi88 nhà cái is a guideline for rookies to make money very easily when playing XS every day.

What is Northern XSMB prediction?

Choosing Northern prediction is always the top priority of each player. The simple way to participate and easy comparison of results are all advantages that make XSMB grow and spread widely. The prize structure of the Northern Lottery is divided into 10 different categories.

The lowest prize is 40,000 VND, the highest is 1,000,000,000 VND. Every day, each province and city has different drawing times, but they all take place at 6:15 p.m. Because of such familiarity, it sometimes makes many players subjective and refuse to be equipped with any theory or knowledge about Northern XSMB prediction. The end result is losing the bet and wasting time.

To improve efficiency, when choosing MB prediction, players need to apply scientific methods and synthesize accurate data for analysis. Being careful while playing is the advantage that helps you win and receive generous bonuses.

3+ tips for XSMB to predict the Northern region with high accuracy

Currently, people who love Northern Lottery have a much more convenient process of choosing numbers. All operations take place on an online platform, which is both convenient and the prize value is high. To choose the right fortune numbers, rookies should not forget to refer to some of the following strategies:

Based on silver, remember the lottery

The simplest Northern XSMB prediction is based on memory. Just sum up the correct amount of memory from the previous day to quickly determine the special number that can be returned the next day. Specifically:

  • One day it came out 56, the next day we considered 02 – 20.
  • Yesterday, I bet on 21, immediately bet on 36 – 63.
  • Yesterday I got 66, next time I got 19 – 91.
  • Yesterday it was 06, tomorrow it’s 28 – 82.
  • Yesterday, I returned 08, chose pair 90 – 09.
  • The other day I remembered 16, considered 72 – 27,…

Based on Northern lottery frequency statistics

The ideal Northern XSMB method that rookies can also learn is based on loto frequency. Statistical tools have shown special numbers such as:

  • Northern lottery statistics: 64, 87, 51, 05, 97.
  • Pair of lottery numbers: 70, 07, 34, 43, 05, 50.
  • Loto has the most: 29, 32, 89, 80, 12.
  • Loto returns at least: 50, 36, 26, 06, 02.
  • Common double lots: 66, 11, 00, 55, 22.

Based on last 2 numbers/total special prize

Special prizes are always the basis for playing Northern XSMB prediction effectively. Normally, based on the prize, there are many different directions such as choosing the last 2 numbers, total special prize, etc. Rookies need to learn each way to proactively choose and grasp the advantage right from the beginning. Specifically:

  • Best special prize: 31, 27, 24, 12, 02.
  • The final numbers of the special prize have not returned for a long time: 72, 15, 08, 63, 55.
  • The head has not come out for a long time: 6 (16 days), 8 (13 days), 4 (11 days), 9 (8 days), 3 (6 days).
  • GDB’s tail has not come out for a long time: 9 (32 days), 5 (24 days), 3 (11 days), 8 (9 days), 1 (7 days).
  • Total price has not returned for a long time: Total 8 with numbers: 80, 71, 17, 62, 53, 44, 35, 26, 08.

Based on Pascal’s method

To play Northern XSMB this way, players need to accurately combine the results for the first prize and special prize. Based on adding the total from the pair of numbers, it will be easy to quickly determine the potential number to create a demand. For example, if yesterday the prize was 97856 and the first prize was 25539, apply Pascal as follows:
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Players can immediately choose number 40 or choose 04 to increase their chances of winning big. The calculation process needs to be meticulous and accurate because otherwise it is easy to make mistakes, completely deviating the results, making the chance of winning extremely low.

Important notes when predicting the North to help improve victory

In addition to the method of playing Northern XSMB, members need to pay close attention to each factor. In particular, you should pay attention to the following issues:

  • Accurately compile all data for the most effective analysis process.
  • Understand in-depth about each new tip you should choose to avoid confusion.
  • Consider raising frames to increase your winning rate, but you need to carefully consider your budget and capital to optimize profits.
  • Be flexible in applying your playing style to get the desired effect.


Northern XSMB prediction does not make it difficult for anyone, even rookies can easily choose the right special numbers. Just cleverly applying each strategy synthesized from Hi88 will definitely bring you many victories. Don’t forget to visit the house to close new numbers, great rewards, super high bonuses.

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