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Modernizing Smart Home Control with akubela’s HyPanel Plus

akubela’s HyPanel Plus takes smart home control to the next level. It’s not just a smart home touch panel; it’s an all-in-one masterpiece that combines multiple essential functions into a single, elegant device. With HyPanel Plus, users can seamlessly manage intercoms, home automation, ZigBee gateways, home security, temperature and humidity sensors, and wall switches. This remarkable integration simplifies smart living, making it effortless, elegant, and exciting.

Intuitive Touchscreen and Personalized Controls

HyPanel Plus features a user-friendly 4-inch touchscreen that puts the power of smart home control at your fingertips. Its intuitive interface allows you to manage various aspects of your home with ease. Additionally, HyPanel Plus offers the flexibility of two customizable touch buttons. These buttons can be personalized to provide quick access to frequently used functions or scenes with a single touch.

Elevate Your Smart Living Experience

Experience the convenience and sophistication of smart living with HyPanel Plus. This device is designed to simplify control and enhance your home environment. Its ability to seamlessly integrate different functions and its user-friendly interface make managing your smart home effortless. akubela‘s commitment to innovation shines through in HyPanel Plus, delivering a touch panel that not only elevates your smart living experience but also adds an elegant touch to your home.


akubela’s HyPanel Plus is more than just a smart home touch panel; it’s a game-changer in the world of smart living. With its extensive integration, intuitive touchscreen, and personalized controls, it offers a new level of convenience and elegance to homeowners. Embrace the future of smart home control with HyPanel Plus and experience a more effortless, elegant, and exciting way of living.

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