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3 Ideas Choosing Bathroom Tile for Small Spaces

Don’t be hasty if you want to decorate a small bathroom, because miscalculation will result in a nightmare. Choosing tiles for the bathroom should be observant and careful. Why? If you make a proper decision, then tiles will make the bathroom look larger, more significantly, there are a few tiles categorized as easy to maintain but there are easy to dirty.

In this article, you will find bathroom tile ideas for small spaces such as:

01. Subway tile was first used in 1904 for subway stations in New York City, no wonder this tile is called “subway”. However, many people use it to decorate the bathroom floor, there are also people who combine it with glossy paint and put it on the shower stall.

decorate bathroom floor

02. Penny tile offers a uniqueness that is ready to decorate your small bathroom. You will find it in different variations, colors, and materials. Typically, these tiles are made from cork and metallic.

tiles made from cork and metallic

Metallic penny tiles are available in different materials such as copper, aluminum, silver alloy, and stainless steel. If you have limited funds, metallic penny tile is a wise choice. Although cork penny tile is more expensive, you won’t doubt the quality!

Glass tile is famous for daintiness

03. Glass tile is famous for daintiness as its feature. For those who want to give a touch of art to the bathroom, this is one of the bathroom tile ideas for small spaces that offer a lot of advantages. You won’t regret it!

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