4 Ideas How to Build a Bedroom with Dark Wood Furniture

Maybe some people feel comfortable choosing dark wood furniture, especially being able to give a heavy and masculine impression. However, without proper planning, too much dark wood furniture in a small space will give darker and smaller effects.

Bedroom ideas with dark wood furniture will produce a perfect mix without making the room look dark. Using a few lighter colors could make the bedroom seem more spacious and elegant!

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1. First, you need to pay attention to the walls and floors. For starters, change the walls to a brighter color. In this case, you have smart to choose the right color that integrates perfectly with furniture and accessories. Do the same thing on the floor, may use similar colors or complementary colors.

2. Don’t fill your bedroom with too much dark wood furniture! Try to mix it with furniture in neutral colors. Try to have a color that can complete each other without generating striking contrast.

3. Add a pattern that is able to combine with dark wood furniture. Combine brighter shades with neutral colors. For example, decorate the bedroom window with patterned curtains.

4. Find something that serves as an ornamental or accent that will complete the patterns and furniture. For example, you may choose green shades as accent pieces.

Bedroom ideas with dark wood furniture no need to use contrasting colors because will produce a bad impression!

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