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7 Ways Pests Get Into Your Home

Tiny and pervasive, pests are genius at finding ways into your home. From crawling through tiny cracks to riding in on your pets, they will not leave willingly once they enter. The best defense is to understand how they are entering and deny them entrance in the first place.

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Rotten Wood

There are plenty of insects that are drawn to rotting wood. Once they start dining on the rotting fascia over your patio, it’s a short trip to the interior of your home. Not only does rotting wood attract some insects, but it’s also easy for animals like squirrels and rats to break through the rotting wood and invade the property.

Tall Grass

Fleas and ticks live in tall grass while they wait for you or your pets to walk past. Prevent them from hitchhiking into your home by keeping the grass cut short.

Tiny Cracks

Mice and rats are talented at squeezing in through tiny cracks. Fill holes and cracks with caulk or metal mesh to keep animals out, eliminate cold drafts and prevent the comfortable air inside your home from drifting out.

Stinky Garbage

A garbage piled up on the side of the house is a welcome beacon for scavengers like raccoons and disease-carrying insects like roaches. Close garbage bags to keep the contents inside and put them in outdoor trash cans with tight-fitting lids.

Stacks of Firewood

Firewood piles inevitably become a source of shelter for mice, insects, and even snakes. Protect your home by keeping the wood at least 20 feet away from the foundation. Keep the wood free of critters by lifting it at least five inches off the ground.

Trash picked Items

Trash picking may feel like the ultimate form of recycling, but it is risky. Baltimore bed bugs may be living on that cool bed frame that was sitting on the side of your road, and the only way to get them out again is with Baltimore bed bug removal.

Torn Screens

The screens on your windows and doors keep pests out, but they can crawl right in through tears and holes. Keep the screens in good repair to protect your home from unwelcome invasions.

Protect your home and your family from invading pests by learning how they get in. Once you understand the many ways these critters get into the property, you can take steps to keep them out. If necessary, invest in professional services to help you find the source and eliminate the problem.

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