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Are you in love with lamps – like we are?

The world of lamps is versatile, full of bright lights and great designs! When it comes to lamps and lighting in general the sky is the limit – and this is the reason why lamps are just as important in interior decorating as any other design furniture or piece of art.

Breaking it down, lamps are a combination of both functionality, aesthetics, and great designs all in one. You can create beautiful, stylish areas with various light installations and functional spots when you need to work or concentrate. This is the beauty of lamps.

Lights play a great part in the way we experience a home – it creates a certain style, feeling and character to the spaces. Rooms like your bedroom, bathroom, and living space need different kinds of lamps and light settings. Therefore, picking out lamps is far from an easy task. Are you in doubt about which one to choose? Go for a Danish designer. They are the concept of originality, timelessness, and beautiful designs.

The greatest Danish designers

Several Danish designers have dominated the whole industry of lamps in Denmark for decades – and many of them even stopped designing many years ago. The thing about original design is that it stays modern through every trend and period of time. This is why we still see Danish designers being passed on from generation to generation. They are still relevant, highly popular, and modern today as well as in the days, they were designed and made.

At lampemesteren.com you find a lot of the greatest designers from Denmark, who is still on the market for you to buy. Alongside international designers and brands, you will find Danish names like Le Klint, Benny Frandsen, Piet Hein, Verner Panton, and of course Poul Henningsen, known as HP. What brings these well-known men together is their love for classic silhouettes, functional structures, and great lighting experiences.

Poul Henningsen – now and then

Poul Henningsen – also known as HP – lived and breathed design, even though he never completed his education in architecture. Instead, he started working with lighting, which made him famous and a well-renowned Danish designer. He designed the popular PH lamp series, the Artichoke, the PH5, and the Globe for Louis Poulsen. Designs, many people know and love, because they are everything lamps should be. Beautiful, functional, and full of structures and shades.

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