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Best LG 180 Litre Refrigerators in India – 2022

When considering home appliances, refrigerators have a special place in Indian kitchens. From keeping the edibles fresh to preserving food items for a longer duration, it offers numerous benefits. If you are considering purchasing a fridge for your home, you can definitely consider buying from the best-selling LG brand. The fridge price starts from a very reasonable range. The elite model LG refrigerator 180 ltr price is also in the mid-range for you to purchase.

An LG 180 litre refrigerator is an ideal choice for a family of two members. It is a perfect refrigerator for fulfilling daily needs while saving energy. To help you with your purchase, here are some of the top LG 180-litre refrigerators in India in the year 2022. Keep reading to know more!

  • LG Single door 180L refrigerator – GL-B201SLLB:

This model is a single-door refrigerator that has an inverter linear compressor. The shiny steel color makes it suitable for any type of space; It has an Inverter Linear Compressor. The tempered glass used is very strong and can hold up to 150kg. This means you can store every heavy storing object and it is worth the pay. The fridge price may seem quite moderate, so it will be the best option to go with.

It has a semi-defrost option which can be a savior during the cleaning days. With a small click will start defrosting and the brand new one will be gained in a period of 2 hours. The storage tray holds about 160L which is a savior if you are someone who stores fruits and veggies for a week. This LG refrigerator’s 180 ltr price may seem quite low comparing the density, storage, and considering lot more features.

  • LG Single door 180l direct cool 3-star refrigerator – GL – B185RDGM:

The LG refrigerator is a 3-star refrigerator and is a perfect model for a nuclear family of 2 – 4 members. The model is available in grey color and is a standing model fridge. The LG refrigerator is a direct cool model and at the same time, it’s eco-friendly too. The model has toughened glass and will be one of the best options considering the fridge’s price. This LG refrigerator 180 ltr price retails around Rs. 14,000 and is moderate and if it seems pricey, you can choose the EMI option based on your needs.

  • LG 180 Litre Single door direct cool refrigerator – GL-B171RDGU:

It is a direct cool refrigerator and is available in grey color. This LG 180-litre refrigerator has a smart inverter compressor and is one perfect model for small families of 3 to 4 members or couples. An economical refrigerator that consumes less electricity and is perfect to choose considering the fridge price if you are on a specific budget.

This LG refrigerator 180 ltr price seems quite friendly and some things are to be done manually. The GL-B171RDGU requires manual frosting. The model possesses a smart inverter compressor. The freezer is available on top of the fridge and has a built-in stabilizer available.

  • LG 180 litre single door 3-star refrigerator – GL-B195CRLR:

The LG is a single-door refrigerator and has the capacity of about 18 Litres of storage space. The energy star rating for this model is 3 stars; It has frost-free cooling technology. The fridge price retails around Rs. 13,000 to Rs. 14,000 and is one perfect option for such an affordable price.

Considering the LG refrigerator 180 ltr price, it has direct cool frosting technology and multi-digital sensors. The freezer is available on the top and the ice tray delivered is quite twistable which is convenient to use. The design and style of this LG refrigerator are quite unique and will suit both contemporary and vintage interiors.

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  • LG 180 litre single door refrigerator – GL – B181RDGB:

The LG refrigerator is a direct cool model that holds about 180L storage capacity. It is the best model to go with for small families or couples. An economical model and required a manual frosting technique. Even though this model has a single star, you can go with considering the fridge price and features like silent mode, and unmatched performance. The major highlight of this fridge is its noise-free operation. Even though the models are on the affordable end, even then if they are not under your budget check in the EMI options to not spend in one go!

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