Effectively Save A Life With A Mindray AED

Cardiac arrest happens suddenly, and the site is frequently outside a hospital, such as a school, where ambulances and other emergency staff frequently take longer than five minutes to arrive. The first witness student is the best rescuer in these situations, and the AED for schools housed in classrooms and gyms is the best life-saving device. Take a look at the features of the AEDs from the expert AED supplier Mindray for the demand of AED school use.

Save students’ life by correctly using Mindray’s AED

The greatest first responder in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest on campus must be a student. Regarding first assistance for cardiac arrest, time is equal to life. Here are a few recommendations for actions to do that will significantly improve the number of first-aid cases.

Diagnose the cardiac arrest: If the patient doesn’t answer when you tap their shoulder and call them, you can be sure they aren’t conscious; if your finger doesn’t move when you press the carotid artery; if you look at the patient’s chest and there isn’t a rise and fall; you can be sure they aren’t breathing. Cardiac arrest can be identified if the three criteria above are met.

We can only give a patient a chance at survival by administering CPR as soon as we discover them in cardiac arrest and by getting an AED to defibrillate them as soon as possible.

AED resuscitation: Restores normal cardiac rhythm by terminating malignant arrhythmias (ventricular fibrillation) with an adequate electric shock. When the power switch is turned on, the AED becomes voice-activated and can be operated using voice instructions.


Medical experts claim that adopting reliable AED devices has significantly raised the success rate of cardiac arrest patients from 5% to 40% and that the survival rate of cardiopulmonary resuscitation within 3 minutes can reach 74%. As a result, the significance of AEDs cannot be overstated. For more information about Mindray‘s AED products, visit their official website.

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