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Environmental Benefits of Going Stone

More and more people around the world are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious, as the earth has received more pollution than it did 50 years ago. In the interests of environmental preservation, we all should strive to create an eco-friendly environment, be it in our daily lives or in whatever we do.

One good way of practicing this would be in our homes. The best way to start something big is to go about it on a small scale, such as by using environmentally friendly materials such as stone countertops in the bathrooms and marble benchtops in the kitchen.

If you are concerned about the quarry work involved in acquiring the material for these countertops and benchtops, worry not. Current stringent guidelines, formulated to ensure the least possible amount of damage is inflicted on the environment, make it possible for quarrying to be carried out in an environmentally safe manner.

Natural stone is easier to produce as compared to engineered stone or laminates, which can entail a lot of chemicals in the processing stages. The processing that is required to manufacture these synthetic materials can result in the emission of harmful gases into the environment. Thus, minimizing the chemicals used in the process of making benchtops or countertops is the environmentally responsible thing to do.

In terms of the durability of the material, stones such as granite are a good selection for benchtops. This is because it is heat, odor, and stain-resistant. Since stone is so resistant to these undesirable elements, one only needs to clean stains off with a damp cloth or mild detergent. This means that you don’t need to use harsh, potentially environmentally hazardous cleaning agents for your bathroom or kitchen. This ensures the safety of the home environment in addition to that outside.

Stone is also strong and does not break easily compared to the more fragile laminate. Marble benchtops may not enjoy as high a resistance to heat as those made with granite does, but they definitely look impressive and can improve the value of a house if you intend to sell it later on.

In terms of durability, stone countertops and marble benchtops are the environmentally friendly way to go. This is because stone tiles made from granite, marble, or quartz are so durable that they can last for a lifetime, thus negating the need to replace them regularly. This means that you will save money on the cost of repairing cheaper, less durable alternatives, and use fewer natural resources to create a home of which you can be proud.

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