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Forest City: Thriving in Iskandar Edge’s Strategic Location

Forest City, a groundbreaking real estate project by Country Garden, has strategically chosen Iskandar Edge as its location due to its unparalleled advantages within the Iskandar Special Economic Zone (SEZ). Situated at the southernmost tip of Peninsular Malaysia and adjacent to Singapore, Iskandar SEZ has emerged as a prime investment destination and Malaysia’s fastest-growing economic corridor. This blog explores the reasons behind Forest City’s selection of Iskandar Edge and highlights the key factors that make it an ideal location for this visionary development.

Iskandar SEZ: An Economic Powerhouse

Iskandar SEZ was established in 2006 as part of the Malaysian government’s Economic Transformation Plan. It encompasses a vast area, roughly three times the size of Singapore, and has attracted a great investment from both the Singapore and Malaysian governments. This significant investment demonstrates the immense potential and importance placed on the development of Iskandar SEZ as a thriving economic hub.

Strategic Location and Connectivity

One of the major reasons behind Forest City’s choice of Iskandar Edge is its strategic location. Situated in close proximity to Singapore, Iskandar SEZ offers unparalleled connectivity and access to international markets. With its strategic position at the crossroads of major shipping routes and its excellent transportation infrastructure, Iskandar Edge provides seamless connectivity to the entire ASEAN market. This strategic advantage positions Forest City as a gateway to regional opportunities and facilitates the movement of goods, services, and talent.

Government Incentives and Support

The Malaysian government has implemented a range of attractive incentives and support programs to encourage investment and development within Iskandar SEZ. These incentives include tax benefits, streamlined regulatory processes, and access to comprehensive infrastructure. Forest City can leverage these government initiatives to enhance its growth and create an environment that fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and economic prosperity.

Gateway to the ASEAN Market

Iskandar Edge’s strategic location places it at the forefront of capturing the vast ASEAN market. With a population of over 600 million people and a growing middle class, ASEAN presents immense opportunities for businesses and real estate developments like Forest City. By locating in Iskandar Edge, Forest City gains access to this thriving marketĀ  market, enabling it to cater to the diverse needs and demands of the ASEAN region.


Forest City’s choice to locate in Iskandar Edge within the Iskandar SEZ showcases the strategic thinking behind this visionary development. The region’s advantageous location, connectivity to international markets, abundant natural resources, government support, and access to the ASEAN market make it an ideal destination for Forest City’s growth and success. As Forest City continues to flourish within Iskandar Edge, it not only contributes to the economic growth of the region but also sets a benchmark for sustainable urban development and innovation in the real estate industry.

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