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How to Make a Hidden Door with Faux Stone

Having a secret room in your home can be a fun addition. They can make you feel like a superhero, villain, or a TV millionaire and add some fun flair to your home. Your secret room needs to have a hidden door of some kind; otherwise, it is not a secret room. The door is one of the most important parts of the secret room, so you will need to strategize how to hide it. In this article, we will look at how to make a hidden door with faux stone.

Where will the secret room go?

When you are building a secret room, you need to decide what room in your home would be the best to make into a secret. You can turn any room into a secret room, but if you need some inspiration, here are some great ideas.

You can add a false wall to your closet to turn it into a secret room or make the entire closet into a secret room. If you have a home bar in a closet, turning it into a secret room can be fun when you have company.

If you have central rooms that are not attached to any outside walls of the house, they can easily be turned into a secret room.

If you have a basement or an attic, you can easily make that into a hidden door. This is especially fun if your basement or attic has your home theater or game room in it.

How to Install a Secret Door

Once you have determined where to put your secret door, you can order faux stone or brick to cover the wall hiding your door. While the bookcase is the typical way to hide a secret door, having a faux stone secret door is much more unique and interesting.

You should pick out a door that opens inward so it is easier to camouflage with the faux stone. Since faux stone is easy to install, you can attach it to the entire wall around the door, creating a beautiful accent wall in the process.

There are two ways to make the door hidden in plain sight. The first way to do it is to take it off the hinges, then install your faux stone on it, leaving some overlap. Then, you cut the overlap off and install it around the door on the wall. The other way to hide your door is to install the faux stone on the wall in a way that overlaps with the door but without attaching it to the door. This should completely hide the seams of the door.

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Latching the Secret Door

If your secret room is just a novelty, you may not need to have a hidden latch for it, though it would still be good so no one accidentally leans into the wall and falls into the room. However, if you are making your secret room a place to hide valuables or a panic room, you will need to install some sort of way to latch it. A standard latch is an easy way to do this. You just need to decide how you want to open the latch. You can take a page out of the movie for this part. Make the door open by moving a statue, pulling on a book, or just having a small, hidden button to push. Have fun with this.

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