How to Select an Appropriate Magnetic Connector

A good magnetic connector will affect the overall function of the gadget, and a proper magnetic connector will produce positive effects. So how do I select the best electromagnetic suction connector?

The elements that must be considered

  1. Type of magnetic connector

The type of industrial magnetic connector used must first be assessed for use. Indoor and outdoor settings and corrosive situations impact magnetic connectors. The type of magnetic connector utilized and the type of magnetic connector determines the number of conductive terminals organized.

  1. Electrical necessities

Consider the product’s electrical requirements while making your choice. The product’s voltage and current needs and whether the magnetic connector can be used effectively in electrical properties must all be examined. In addition, resistance, permitted resistance variation, millivolt drop, maximum current value, maximum voltage value, inrush current value, characteristic impedance, VSWR (voltage standing wave ratio), interpolation pull-out loss, and EMI shielding efficiency must be considered.

  1. Environmental demands

Temperature, humidity, and other environmental factors are affected by the magnetic pickup connector’s placement; thus, keep that location and expected environment in mind. In addition to other relevant storage conditions, the applicable period and information, and so on, the environment description should include requirements for shock and vibration, including shipping requirements, and requirements for production environmental conditions such as welding temperature and welding cycle duration. Furthermore, the largest temperature occurs where the magnetic link conducts the combined continuous current.

  1. Mechanical performance specifications

When selecting a magnetic connector, consider the effective volume and coverage area, the permissible dimensional tolerance, the terminal’s insertion, and extraction force, the magnetic connector’s endurance (frequency of plugging and unplugging), and so on. For example, when utilizing a printed circuit board, it is vital to confirm the circuit board tolerance, the critical value of the card edge magnetic connector, and the feasibility of attaining the critical value. In addition, the coating and underlying materials for low-power circuits must be specified to comply with signal standards and environmental requirements.

  1. Specifications

Consider the relevant test specifications for a certain application, including those used worldwide. For example, the Pomagtor magnetic connector can meet all magnetic connector test criteria. If you want a magnetic connector, please get in touch with us.

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