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Quick Tips For the Bathroom Vanity Shopper

Bathroom vanities seem to be the newest “it” item in bathroom re-design and remodeling. Blending the elements of both form and functionality, these easy-to-install appliances instantly add sophistication and elegance to any bathroom. Installing a vanity will make your bathroom seem warmer and more inviting than ever before.

When it comes to selecting a bathroom vanity, you have quite a lot of options. Vanities are often contemporary or traditional in design, respectively yielding a sleek, clean, and polished look or a more rustic, warmer, and cozy personality. While most vanity cabinets are manufactured in wood, ranging from oak and mahogany to cherry and teak, some are built from quality metals like stainless steel or bronzed copper plate.

As far as countertops go, you have a nearly limitless selection: tempered glass, steel, copper, sealed zebra wood, granite, onyx, marble, and porcelain, to name a few. The styles and colors vary, as well. But perhaps you aren’t interested in previously constructed bathroom vanities? Maybe you want a more personal design, perhaps one that reflects your personality a bit more clearly.

If this is indeed the case, there’s no cause for alarm, and no reason to worry. A good handful of retailers on the internet offer a sort of customization service: this gives you the ability to, basically, design your own personal bathroom vanity in a unique and interesting way. These customization options are sure to pique the interest of any self-respecting Do-It-Yourself-er.

But before you get to shopping, consider a few of the following pointers: first, take into account the dimensions of your bathroom. Larger bathrooms, obviously, can effectively accommodate larger vanities, and maybe even conveniently luxurious double bathroom vanities. But if you plan on installing your bathroom vanity in a smaller bathroom, consider investing in a wall-mounted vanity, a small vanity, or, for maximum space efficiency, a corner vanity.

Corner bath vanities are built in a quarter-circle shape, much like a “pie slice,” so that they are perfectly suited to be installed in any corner without sacrificing any of the aesthetic value or charm of the vanity itself. Corner vanities may be out of the way, but they don’t sacrifice any good looks or usefulness to get there!

This brings me to the next consideration: manner and extent of use. How many people share your bathroom? How many people argue over sink space? If more than one individual will use the vanity, it may be worth your while to look into an investment in double bathroom vanities. These vanities have two sinks, two mirrors, and two storage cabinets, so people can perform their hygienic tasks simultaneously, without the fuss.

Finally, consider the price. Bathroom vanities cover a significant price range, from particularly expensive to tremendously affordable. Take note, though: the most expensive product, when it comes to vanities, is not always the “best” product. It may be in your best interests to avoid the cheapest models, however. So do some research, shop around a little, and read user reviews to see whether or not a certain manufacturer delivers a quality product.

Once the quality is established, you should feel free to peruse each item without particular concern for price; simply choose the vanity product that is best suited to your tastes and needs! If you’re really strapped for cash, though, and still want a vanity, then consider looking into discount stores (which often carry warehouse-priced items or items that more expensive stores simply couldn’t sell or carry), internet auction sites, and online “classifieds” like Craigslist.com.

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