Ruby on Rails Developers: Roles, Responsibilities and Salary

Ruby on rails is one of the most demanded web development frameworks in the market. Many leading companies such as Shopify, Airbnb, Github, etc use Ruby and its frameworks for their projects. Needless to say, Ruby on Rails Developers are sought after for various jobs in the development process. If you are a company needing to hire Ruby on Rails Developers or if you want to become a developer, you must be curious about the different roles and responsibilities of these developers and the salary they take. Keep reading to find out.

Ruby on Rails Developers’ Responsibilities

 Ruby on Rails Developers is expert programmers who are well-equipped with the Ruby language and its frameworks. Along with it, they can have proficiency in software designing, full stack development, server-side development, database management, and other related jobs. That being said, they can fully utilize Ruby’s flexibility, easy learning curve, and speed to build high-performing websites and web applications. Some responsibilities of Ruby on Rails Developers are:

  •  Ruby on Rails Developers can write clean and efficient codes for both client-side and server-side as well as can design and build databases.
  • They also apply their knowledge of Object-oriented programming, algorithm, data structure, and other fundamentals to build the software.
  • Have to work with RoR libraries and modules such as Resque, RSpec, etc.
  • They can handle security issues and data privacy issues.
  •  Ruby on Rails Developers have good team spirit and can work with other team members at each stage of the development process to make sure the project gets completed within the time and budget limit.
  • They can run tests and diagnose any bugs or issues.
  • Ruby on Rails developers can improve the performance and scalability scale of the app they are working on. 
  • They can integrate databases, server-side logic, and client-side codes into one system.
  • They can also provide and write documentation if necessary.

Ruby on Rails developer’s Roles

Ruby on Rails developers, as I mentioned, are proficient in a variety of tasks. They can rightfully be called ‘Jack of all trades ’ for their abilities as a programmer. In the project development cycle you can hire them for building frontend, backend, database, servers, or even just to test or write particular programs. They can also manage the whole technical process efficiently. Some of the top roles Ruby on Rails developers play in the team-

Designers: One of the essential parts of the project development cycle is the designing phase. It is here that we make all the decisions about the appearance of the website and web application. Ruby on Rails developers can help the front-end team and UI/UX designers in creating a seamless and interactive user experience. They can collaborate by providing wireframe designs, and mockups, and help decide and create the layout and color schemes as well.

Developers: Ruby on Rails developers can be hired for any position in the development cycle. From creating small programs to writing algorithms, and developing client-side, server-side, and database, they can do every major and minor task needed to be done. They are problem solvers who utilize their technical abilities to create high-end software and applications.

Testers: After creating a program and before moving on to the next stage, it is tested to ensure that the codes are clean, bugs, errors, or any technical issue that persists. Ruby on Rails developers look after this critical task and ensure the program and application are free of issues. Ruby on Rails features in-built automated testing libraries, frameworks, and tools, also known as ‘Gems’ for the same purpose. Some of the popular test and debugging gems are – MiniTest, Rspec, Test: Unit, etc.

Administrators and Managers: Ruby on Rails developers can be hired to look after the whole development process. With their knowledge in full-stack development, they can expertly manage the full process and look after all the requirements. The developers also know what technical demands the project needs, especially the modules and frameworks required to make programs. Hence, should be able to install and update them as well. They should ensure every part of the project is integrated properly and is running smoothly in sync.

Ruby on Rails Developer’s Salary Range

Ruby on Rails developers’ salary depends upon a lot of factors including their technical experience, expertise, additional skills, the region they belong to, the industry they working on, and the company they are associated with. Salary of remote employers and freelancers varies even more.

The average salary of Ruby on Rails developers in the USA is $80,000 per annum while the salary varies between $71,000 and $89,500. According to Indeed, the average salary is up to $124,610 with a range of $83.838 to $185,212. 

Salary Range According To The Region:

Developers from different locations have varying salaries. A developer hired from the USA might be costlier compared to one hired from Asia. Developed nations usually have a higher salary range with respect to middle-income countries.

Hourly Rates as Per Region:

Country Hourly rates
India and Asia Pacific  $15-$30
Central Europe  $30-$50
Germany $50-$70
United Kingdom $55- $75
United States  $60-$80

Salary Range According To The Experience:

Ruby on Rails developers can be divided into different levels based on their experience. A junior-level developer with little to no experience can be employed for a lower salary compared to a senior-level developer with 5+ years of experience.

Per Year Cost As Per Experience Level:

Country Junior Senior
India and Asia Pacific $15,987 $30,303
Central Europe $45.000 $100.800
Germany  $60,000 $115,000
United Kingdom  $65,000 $120,000
United States $70,000 $125,000


I hope the article provided you with enough clarity about the Ruby on Rails developers’ roles and responsibilities, and also provided their average salary range. Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks and developers are always in demand. Startups and companies almost immediately hire any talent available, which can make it hard to search for ideal developers. If you are facing any difficulties in hiring the right Ruby on Rails developers for your project or need any consultation, Optimize can help. Optimize is an online platform that connects global clients with skilled developers and technicians. We hire the top 3% of the best developers which you can hire with a 2-week risk-free trial.

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