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Top 10 Feng Shui Tips For Your Home

Feng Shui home tips help occupants to keep flowing healthy and vibrant energy into the home. There are lots of Feng Shui tips to make this possible.

01. Make energy flow freely through the home

Ensure that enough energy is flowing freely through the entrance door and exit way of your home. Remember that sharp angles, clutter, storage areas, and crannies and nooks can loosen up vibrant energy, which causes you to become lazy and unhealthful, so it’s better to avoid them.

02. Avoid impeded views

Check whether your entranceway has any impeded views to the back door. If your home has any, then block it with screens.

03. Place hanging plants inside the home

Train tracks, busy streets, airplane flight paths, etc produce negative energy entering your home. You can place trees, hanging plants, shrubbery, etc to slow down this negative energy. Also, you can use a weathervane or water at the entrance of the home.

04. Make intersections for generating lots of vibrant energy

Ensure your entranceway is well situated. Otherwise, it will get bombarded with energy that makes relaxation impossible. Place a mirror at the entrance of the home to avoid negative energy.

05. Keep a good balance of happiness and good design

Balance is a significant element of happiness and good design. You have to ensure that all designs and decorations are well-balanced to create positive energy.

06. Add furnishings to the living room

As the living room is the most important area of your home, you should include positive influences with soft cushions, plants, and a fish tank, if possible.

07. Place the foot of the bed on the opposite line to the door

As in ancient China, the dead bodies were laid with their feet opposite to the line of the door for easier access to heaven. So, ensure you are not placing your bed in the direct line to the door.

08. Don’t face mirrors toward the bed

Since the spirit leaves the body at night and may get upset by seeing its reflection, it is recommended as per Feng Shui tips not to face the mirror towards a bed. It will cause you disturbed sleep.

09. Use round dining room tables

Round tables are best for dining because the circle represents heavenly blessings. Keep the dining room chairs an even number. Also, ensure that these are comfortable. Also, make sure that the décor is simple and does not distract while consuming the food.

10. Keep the kitchen balanced with general happiness

As per Feng Shui home tips, food symbolizes wealth and so, the kitchen of your home should create general happiness. Make your kitchen well balanced as the presence of fire and water releases vibrant energy.

Apart from these Feng Shui home tips, you can also make your own modifications in certain areas of your home at your convenience. For example, the bathroom is the most energy-filled room in a home according to Feng Shui. So, you can add Yang elements, bright colors, and candles in the bathroom. Feng Shui tips recommend creating a pleasant view of the garden as well.

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Hope these Feng Shui tips help you in creating a beautiful, healthy, and happy home.

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