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Vision AMR Leads Technology Innovation: ForwardX Robotics

Automation technology practitioners reveal that AMR logistics automation solutions are expected to become a standard in the industry in the next five years. The AMR industry will experience explosive growth. However, in a period when robotics manufacturers are mushrooming, it is important to establish a company’s core competencies. ForwardX, a leader and pioneer in the AMR industry, has shown the world what it can do with advanced, customer-approved AMRs.

Provider of holistic solutions for warehouse and logistics automation

The mobile robot industry has undergone various technical iterations of navigation methods such as magnetic stripe technology, 2D code technology, laser SLAM, etc. ForwardX has developed the fourth generation of visually autonomous navigation AMRs based on these technologies. In the era when automation is the trend of the industry’s progression, ForwardX carries out automation upgrades by providing visual navigation AMRs, and f(x) cluster scheduling system to solve customers’ worries.

Stable working conditions: vision technology as a guarantee

In the production plant/warehouse environment, AMRs are expected to be able to identify dynamic obstacles visually. At present, ForwardX’s AMRs have been able to move in complex production environments without relying on landmarks, in the form of Vision + LiDAR, with the ability of stereo obstacle avoidance, low profile obstacle avoidance, 360° environment perception, motion obstacle recognition, etc.

After years of accumulation, ForwardX has become a robotics company that can achieve high availability of over 99.5% in more than 50% dynamic environments on production lines. Visit ForwardX’s official website for more details on their automation solutions.

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