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5 Steps to Taking Care of a Hardwood Floor

It is very important for you to take care of your wood floor if you want it to last for a long time. If you have hardwood flooring in your home it is even more important to take care of that old and worn down wood as the condition of the interior of your home can add quite a bit of value to the market price in case of the time to sell your humble abode ever arises.

Taking care of your wooden floor can be quite straightforward. You just need to follow the right steps and develop the right habits. These tips for maintaining the quality of your hardwood floors can come in handy for any homeowner who finds themselves constantly worried about keeping their floors in a high-quality condition. Please feel free to leave any tips or tricks for dealing with hardwoods in the comment section and help enlighten us in case we missed anything!

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#1 – Always wipe off water and liquids.

If you spill liquids on your wood floors you should immediately wipe them off. They can damage your wood floor if you don’t do anything quickly.

#2 – Fill the gaps

Wood floors can easily be scratched by heavy furniture when dragging them. If you spot any deep scratches on your hardwood floor you fill them by using some wood fillers. Wood fillers are usually made out of wood which will make it look natural. Apply some wood filler in the gap. Let it dry and sand it in order to have something smooth and flat

#3 – Hardwax and oil

Applying some hardwax and oil on your hardwood floor will make it look nice and will make it more resistant. It will be a protective layer on your wood and nourish the wood.

#4 – Sanding your hardwood floor

If you think your hardwood has too many scratches and needs a fresh look you can use a sanding machine to remove all visible damages.

#5 – Pads and mats

If you want to avoid any damage on your wood floor be sure to use furniture pads that avoid scratches. You can also use mats indoors way to prevent any dirt and small stones to be dragged inside your house

These tips should help you keep those hardwood floors in tip-top shape.  Of course, you always want to keep your floors in good shape for aesthetic reasons but you also must keep in mind that you never know when you might have to move or sell your house, and these tips will help save you big-time money in the long run!  Feel free to email us any questions or feel free to leave them in the comment box and maybe we can help you!

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