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Benefits Of External Insulation For Solid Walls

External insulation for solid walls in buildings is the best way to decrease carbon emissions into the atmosphere by nearly 50%. It also helps in reducing energy bills to up to 40%.

Homeowners, who have invested in external insulation, can also save on their living space inside. Families do not have to move out of the house when insulation work is being conducted on the outer walls, making it more viable, than having to move to a friend’s place.

The installers of external wall insulation systems you hire should be specialists and trained by reputed system designers. They should not only help in home insulation but also Garage Insulation.

Some of the benefits of exterior insulation for solid walls of your home are that, there will not be rainwater leakage through, sounds will be absorbed and blocked, stops interstitial and internal wall condensation and the best part is that the lifespan of your home increased, as it protects the brickwork done by the builder.

There are many external wall insulation systems developed by insulation companies that can achieve the goal of good thermal performance if fitted by trained installers.

You can select the best team of installers from related trade associations like National Insulation Association or others like them. When you find the right team of installers of external wall insulation systems for exterior walls of your home, you should verify if they are using insulation systems that are tested by experts and whether they comply with relevant standards.

An approved installer will ensure a new layer on the exterior wall, which is weatherproof to protect your home from dampness too. Even though insulated wall rendering is a costly affair, it can add highly to the value of your home and also make it a much more pleasant place to live in.

Rendering your home by attaching walls with tough boards and covering them with polymer render offers a designer finish to it. This kind of rendering can be done on various types of homes, like fibro, cladding, masonry, or concrete homes.

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Rendering is very durable and offers a smooth finish to your exterior home walls. It is better to avoid white renders, as they might get dirty soon and also may need more maintenance work. It is also the best way to keep your home insulated. One of the best benefits of insulated wall rendering is that it will boost the appearance of your home, especially, if you are thinking of putting it up on the market.

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