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Huge Living Room Remodel Reveal

Next to the kitchen, the living room is the most important room in most homes. It is a room that is both private as well as public. It is private when you only share it with your own family members, and it becomes public when you have guests visiting your home since the living room is usually the place where they are invited into.

There are many homes where the entrance door leads directly into the living room instead of a separate hallway. So this room really needs to look the part if you want your guests to have a good first impression of your home. Just think about it, this is the first place they will see when they come to you and you don’t want them to get a negative impression of your house.

One of the best ways to improve upon this area is to split it into several distinct. So when you are doing home remodeling, try to see if you can do a few room splits. For example, you can have the actual homeroom, a study room, a family room or a den, and even a separate game room. Many times all you need to do is open a connecting wall to make the room much larger. This remodeling step will help with making the best use of your living quarters.

There are also homes where the room is directly connected to the kitchen. This is a very modern open-style home decor that several homeowners prefer. If you want to actually split the two rooms, you can easily add a kitchen island or a bar that separates the two rooms. Of course, you have to take into account that any cooking you are doing here will be carrying the smells of the foods right into your living room since there is no physical door to keep the places apart.

A very important remodeling tip for your place is to avoid having the passage that goes into other rooms cut right through it. Try to avoid walkways crossing directly through the middle of this space as this will seriously impact the nice look of your home.

Finally selecting the proper living room furniture can have a big impact here. Think about the lifestyle that you want to portray in this place. This will greatly impact what furniture you will actually go for. You will need at least a sofa, a home theater center, a table and chairs, and a TV. You can also add a coffee table for those afternoon chats with your friends and maybe a love seat if you have an extra place in the room, or you have in the meantime split the place into several different ‘mini-rooms’.

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