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Room Painting Ideas Should Be Different For Different Rooms

Every room in our home has a different function, and it is best to have the color of the room coordinated with the function. It is often seen that people get confused when choosing the right color for their various rooms. Fortunately, there are best room painting ideas available can be derived from home decoration magazines.

The ideas of the different rooms must vary. Like a kid’s room must be colorful, the living room must have a welcoming feel and the bedroom must have a serene atmosphere for relaxation of both mind and body.

Looking for the best room painting ideas on the Internet at the sites like homesinvent.com can be a great option. Also, you may look through Google images and plenty of ideas will be presented in front of your eyes.

Living room

The living room is usually the first place; one enters, after getting inside the house. The well-decorated living room gives the first impression of the residents. It usually has decorative pieces, large furniture, sofas, carpets, nice light fittings, and pictures on the walls. The room painting ideas of this room must match the existing pieces of your room furniture.

The color scheme of the doors, windows, and other accessories must be kept in mind while selecting the color of the living room. The factors determining the color of the living room are the focal point of attraction of the room, the size of the room, the space between the ceiling and the ground, and the purpose of the room. A nice choice of color in the matt or glossy version must be able to hide the cracks and marks on the walls.


The color scheme of the bedroom must be selected carefully as this place is the personal space of a person. Referring to expert room painting ideas can be a great decision. The color of your bedroom must be soothing to the mind and should enhance your spirit when you are tired.

The choice of light and serene colors makes the bedroom seem nice for couples as well. A romantic atmosphere must be created through color so that a couple feels special while entering it. Distracting bedroom colors must not be chosen as they will affect the relationship of the couple staying in the room.

Teen Bedroom

Teenage is a very special phase in one’s life. The bedroom of a teenager must be decorated differently to match the personality of a boy or girl living there. Parents must discuss the matter with the teenage girl or boy before painting their rooms.

Girls generally like soft tones while boys like dark tones. Use the paint which they prefer as the color has lots to do with their moods and character.

Room painting ideas for teens can be had from novels and storybooks. Watching movies and TV serials also gives wonderful room painting ideas for teenagers. Also, the internet provides a greater ocean of ideas while you are planning to get your teenager’s bedroom painted.

Kid’s bedroom

Kids like to be treated well by parents and need special care at all times. Their room color must therefore provide them pamper and warmth every time. Bright and interesting colors can make the child feel special and enhance his/her mental and physical growth. You can explore various different room painting ideas of the child from children’s special magazines as well.

In all, a subtle choice of color along with the use of different colors on different walls will make your room look special. So look for the best room painting ideas and judge the best for your rooms.

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