Top 5 Ways to Improve Your Kitchen

Kitchens are arguably one of the most important rooms in the house. We spend a lot of time in them but most of us probably don’t cook in our dream kitchens.

Whether it’s the size of the room that causes problems or issues with the appliances, most of us have something which frustrates us with our kitchens.

Nevertheless, there are a few simple things we can do to improve our kitchens and make them more appealing.

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Keep reading for 5 ways to improve your kitchen which will transform the room into somewhere you want to spend all your time.

  1. lighting

Good lighting will instantly transform a drab and dreary kitchen into a bright and airy room. Don’t rely solely on the main light in the centre of the room for light.

There are many other places where you can add light to your kitchen that will help make the room seem larger and more modern. Adding lights under raised cabinets is an easy and relatively cheap way to add extra brightness to your kitchen. As well as this, the simple addition of a lamp can make all the difference.

  1. Radiators

Radiators are not necessary the first thing you think of when doing up your kitchen. Nevertheless, a contemporary radiator will not only add extra heat to your room but also a touch of style and class. Vertical radiators are a great addition to kitchens, as they slot nicely into rooms with limited wall space.

Check out the selection of contemporary radiators from Trade Radiators which are known for their stylish, efficient radiators which will instantly improve your kitchen.

  1. Change the Worktops

Changing your worktops will instantly change the whole feel of your kitchen. If your kitchen is on the smaller size make sure your worktops are light in colour to make the room feel larger. An initial expense, kitchen worktops are designed to withstand the knocks and bangs of a busy kitchen and therefore will last.

Complementing your colour scheme and adding your own personal taste to your kitchen, replacing your worktops is an investment that you will not regret.

  1. Paint

If you want a cheap and effective way to transform a shabby kitchen into a clean modern one, never underestimate the power of a fresh lick of paint.

Like worktops, if your room is smaller you can make your room seem larger by using lighter colours or add a statement and compartmentalise your room by painting one of the walls in a bold colour.

  1. Personalise

Adding your own personal touch to your space is essentially one of the best kitchen design ideas. This can be as simple as adding a flower arrangement to your dining table or window which will add colour and class to your room.

If you are passionate about art, make sure you add a framed painting to your kitchen or go a step better and paint your own piece for your room.

If your kitchen is on the colder side, add a rug. Whatever your choice of accessory, adding your own unique touch is guaranteed to make you feel more at home in your kitchen.

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