What can be done with four of a kind in Tien Len card game?

Go ahead is one of the most popular and loved card games today. In particular, Tien Len card game will be divided into 2 types:move to the South andmove to the North. The game rules of Tien Len in the South will be more open than Tien Len in the North. So let’s go New88 Learn more about the lawWhat can the four quarters cut? When participating in playing Tien Tien card game in this article.
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Learn about the Four Quarters

Four of a kind is an extremely special hand in the card game Tien Len, it is even special in some other card games such as Sam Loc,… When you own in your hand 4 cards with the same value, For example, 4 cards of 7 are called quartet of 7, 4 cards of 9 are called quartet of 9. In the card game Tien Len, the quartet of quarter 3 is the smallest and the quartet of quarter 2 is the largest.

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What can the four quarters cut?

What can the four quarters cut? According to the rules of the Tien Tien card game, if any player owns the second quarter, it will be counted as white. Coming to white means winning without having to play. Or in the first forward game, if any player has four 3rd quarters, it will be counted as white.

As for other four-of-a-kind cards, they can be used to chop 2 cards or four-of-a-kind cards of smaller value or common pairs. Specifically:

  • According to the rules of Tien Len in the North, four of a kind can chop a pig (card 2) and according to the rules of Tien Len in the South, four of a kind can chop a pig or a pair of pigs (2 cards of 2).
  • According to the law of advancing to the South, four of you can cut any 3 pairs of pine trees. For example, a quartet of 8 can cut 3 pairs of pine needles 44-55-66
  • Four quarters can also cut smaller four quarters. For example: Four of a kind A can cut four of a K

How to divide four quarters in the card game Tien Len

To be able to deal a deck of cards with four of a kind, you first need to master the secret of card arrangement, this will be the prerequisite for dealing cards with four of a kind. It’s not difficult to arrange a difficult speech, but it’s not easy to say it’s easy either, but you need to be really careful and attentive. Because if you put it wrong or in the wrong position, it will completely give you a different result.

During the game, there will be a variety of different pairs of cards. These pairs of cards will often be played from your own deck or from your opponents in the same game. The first step, when you are dealing cards to get four of a kind, requires you to carefully observe those pairs of cards and remember where all their positions are so you can shuffle the cards. so precise.
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What to do to avoid being cut off from four quarters in the advance card

What can the four quarters cut? How do you avoid cutting four quarters when you have 2-in. leaves?move to the North. Join New88 to learn about the following solutions:

Play the black 2 after the red 2

For example, you have 2 of spades and 2 of diamonds in your hand. You have big pairs or threes and few odd cards. So drop 2 spades first in case your opponents play big cards like Ace (A) or K, to lure the opponent who owns four of a kind to play at this time to avoid the 2 of diamonds being cut off. causing players to lose more money. It’s best when playing cards to observe carefully to see which cards are already out on the table to calculate the probability of having four of a kind in the deck of one of the opponents present on the table.

What can the four quarters cut? If you hold a black 2 card in your hand, your opponent will probably cut your cards less than if you have a red 2 card because your opponent will always prioritize cutting red 2 cards like hearts or diamonds to receive the compensation. bigger.

Play double 2 instead of odd 2 card

What can the four quarters cut? Playing pairs of 2 instead of choosing to tear apart the 2 cards to play, this is an effective way to play because few people will be lucky enough to be able to hold 2 sets of four at the same time to cut both 2 cards. odd. However, in this case, your deck needs to be large and have the ability to win quickly so that your opponent cannot block it.

Forcing opponents to tear four quarters

There are very few people who, when they hold four of a kind in their hands and are willing, will tear up their cards. To be able to force them to tear up, you have to put a lot of pressure on them. If you keep trying to keep the 2 card until near the end of the hand, the person holding the four of a kind will usually try to follow you. However, if your deck is strong and your opponent’s deck only has four of a kind as the strongest, then you can overwhelm your opponent to make him unable to react in time. If your opponent does not want to come last and pool a lot of money, there is a high possibility of having to split the cards even if it is four of a kind.

Lure your opponent into making 2 before you

You are holding card 2 in your hand and you guess that in your table there is an opponent holding 2 and also a player holding four of a kind. So now you should play the highest cards you have to lure your opponent with 2 to play first. Normally, the person holding the four of a kind will chop 2 as soon as they have the chance, so use tactics cleverly to push the risk of being chopped of a four of a kind to another opponent.

Through this article New88 Answered players’ questions What can the four quarters cut? when playing Tien Tien card game. Hopefully this article has helped you better understand four of a kind and have a reasonable strategy for playing Tien Len card game to bring big wins.

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