What is European handicap? Extremely standard European odds for New88 players

Online soccer betting is a subject that is passionately loved by many players at New 88 Bookmaker. Currently, New88 Continuously launching a series of “delicious” bets with attractive payout rates for you to freely close. So What is European handicap? How to read and play European odds will be shared by New88 from A – Z below.

Learn what European handicap is?

What is European handicap? This is a bet that allows you to place money on 3 possible outcomes after the end of the match, including loss, win or draw. In this type of bet, points will be analyzed, increased or decreased before the match starts according to the handicap set. The final result will be recalculated according to the handicap to see if the player wins.

For example: You bet on 2 goals for the upper team, the score difference between the upper and lower team must be more than 3 goals to win.

In particular, European handicaps only calculate handicaps as integers such as 1, 2, 3, and do not use decimals like in Asian handicaps. Similar to the 1×2 bet, 1 represents the home team winning, x is the draw result and 2 is the away team winning.

How to read standard European odds for new players

To read European odds correctly, new players who have never participated in betting must pocket the important information below:

Common symbols in European betting

Before playing European football bets, you must understand the information displayed on this type of bet on the New88 bookmaker’s odds board. The symbols are not complicated, so players only need to look at them a few times to remember them immediately.

Like other types of Over/Under and Asian bets, European bets are also divided into 1st half bets and full match bets. Specifically:

  • Full time 1×2: bet for the whole match.
  • First Half 1×2: 1st Half bet.
  • In addition, the house also adds European bets in the first 10 minutes, fixed 15 minutes, 2nd half bets… so you can easily decide depending on the match.

Special: European bets only calculate the score during the official match time (90 minutes for 2 halves + overtime), excluding extra time.

Symbols for 3 common bets in European betting include:

  • 1 – Home Team: you win this bet when the home team wins.
  • x – Draw: you win this bet when the score between the two teams is tied.
  • 2 – Away Team: you win this bet when the away team wins.

How to calculate wins and losses when playing European odds

As analyzed above, the calculation of wins and losses is based on the final score of the match and the handicaps set in advance. To make it easier for you to understand, Bookmaker New88 will give a specific example in the match between the two teams Liverpool and MU in the English Premier League. The house will offer the following bets for you to “close”:

  • MU (Manchester United) is the home team, odds 2.5
  • Liverpool is the away team, odds 2.8
  • If the 2 teams tie, bet 3.1 is paid

With these 3 cases, you can calculate the amount of money you win or lose for each bet:

  • If you bet on the house and win, the house bonus will be multiplied by 2.5, for example if you bet 100K you will receive 250K.
  • If you place a guest bet and they win, the bonus is multiplied by 2.8. The player who bets 100K will receive 280K.
  • If you bet on a draw, then when the score of the two teams at the end of the match is the same, you will win, the bonus is multiplied by 3.1, if you bet 100K, you will receive 310K.
  • In case the player predicts incorrectly, he or she will lose the bet on that door.

A simple guide to European betting with Bookmaker New88

Bookmaker New88 is the leading sports and football betting platform today with a large number of players. Every day, the betting odds table will continuously update the latest matches, with delicious bet levels for you to freely “lock in”.
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Historical information of previous matches and encounters of the two teams are also clearly displayed on the house betting table for analysis. To check standard European odds at New88 Bookmaker, players should spend time checking the match tables every day, listening to expert analysis to choose the right bet.

Things to note when betting on 1×2, the probability of winning is higher

With the detailed information above, you can confidently participate in 1×2 bets in matches. However, to have a higher probability of winning, you must note the following important things:

Know clearly the information of the 2 teams

First, you must grasp detailed information about both teams in European handicaps. Search sources from the Internet, newspapers, expert analysis… From the information obtained, you will decide which door is more profitable to place.

In addition to general information, you must also analyze in more depth recent performance, players on the field, injury status, coaching staff, etc. Researching more carefully will help players choose wise bets. much smarter.

Choose the right time to bet

Betting experts at Bookmaker New88 believe that the timing of European handicap bets is an important decision in the ability to win. Some people close their bets a few days in advance, others a few minutes, and some brothers have to wait until the second half to close their bets.

New88’s betting odds table fluctuates continuously, increasing or decreasing just a few minutes before the match, so players need to see the most beneficial time to place their bets. If you are a rookie just joining the game, don’t be in a hurry, consider the situation carefully so as not to be confused by the bookmaker’s betting table.

Know when to stop

Stopping playing at the right time sounds easy, but few people who are passionate about soccer can do it. Knowing how to manage capital and when to stop is the way to ensure the budget and not waste money in vain. If you unfortunately lose continuously, you should calmly stop to “recover”, recalculate where you went wrong to have a better strategy.

With the above information, you probably have the answerWhat is European handicap?, how to read and play to get the best results. Bookmaker New88 will continuously update the latest betting information and card games for players to experience, so don’t miss it!

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