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Why Is It Necessary To Use EVE ER26500 Batteries In The ETC Non-Parking Toll System?

EVE ER26500 batteries can be utilized in ETC systems that do not include parking fees. The article discusses the many uses of these batteries as well as the reasons why it is recommended that they be utilized in these settings.


Batteries of the type EVE ER26500 are Li-SOCl2 batteries, and as such, they have a high energy density and a long life period. They are utilized in applications like ETC non-parking toll systems.

In the ETC non-parking toll system, the following are some reasons to use EVE ER26500 batteries:

When used in ETC non-parking toll systems, the use of batteries with the model number ER26500 from EVE offers several advantages. The following are some of the primary reasons why:

  1. Because of their exceptionally long lifespan, EVE ER26500 batteries are excellent for use in ETC non-parking toll systems. In standby mode, these batteries have a potential lifespan of up to ten years.
  2. A low rate of self-discharge; in comparison to other types of batteries, EVE ER26500 batteries hold their charge far better; this means that they are always available for use when it is required.
  3. Capable of being used in temperatures as low as -60 degrees Celsius and as high as +85 degrees Celsius, the EVE ER26500 batteries have a temperature range that makes them acceptable for usage in a diverse range of environments.
  4. Durable construction – The EVE ER26500 batteries are built to endure mechanical shock and vibration, which makes them perfect for use in ETC systems that are frequently subjected to movement from traffic.


In ETC non-parking toll systems, the usage of EVE ER26500 batteries is recommended for a variety of reasons. They are dependable, effective, and provide a lengthy lifespan all in one package. Additionally, they do not negatively impact the surrounding ecosystem. Any company that is searching for a battery solution that is both high-quality and environmentally friendly should go with EVE ER26500 batteries.

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