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5 Ceramic Tile Colors to Cover Bathroom Floor

There are many reasons why many people choose ceramic tile to cover the bathroom floor. Waterproof and durable are the main reason. Ceramic tiles are available in different shapes, sizes, and colors that make a lot of people not hesitate to choose them. Some colors can deliver value and luxury.

If you want to use it to decorate ceramic bathroom floors, color is an important element! Let’s find out about ceramic bathroom tile colors.

01. Before you choose red tiles, try to consider maroon. It has a good texture that makes it more luxurious than red. You won’t disappoint.

bright lilac ceramic bathroom

02. Bright lilac offers something unusual but able to bring a surge in the bathroom. You can use it to cover the floor’s entire area or make an accent. Specify your choice!

green ceramic bathroom

03. If you want a natural color to decorate the bathroom, dark green is a perfect choice. In fact, you could put a plant as an accessory and sweetener for the bathroom.



aby blue ceramic bathroom tile colors 5 Ceramic Tile Colors to Cover Bathroom Floor

04. For those who want a small bathroom to look spacious, choose baby blue. It can give drastic change. However, this requires regular maintenance because dirt is easily visible. Obliged to clean it regularly to look fresh!

small bathroom to look spacious

05. White is a classic color choice for rooms that do not get sunlight. Not much different from baby blue tiles, white tiles require routine maintenance because easy to get dirty.

Those are five ceramic bathroom tile colors! Choose your preference on conditions around the bathroom.

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