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Chinese Feng Shui – To Enhance The Energy In Your Home

Chinese Feng Shui is applied to make healthy energy flow throughout a particular place in your home. When healthy energy flows around a person, he/she feels good. And, the good feeling makes his/her resonance feel lighter. This lighter resonance offers a feeling of happiness, well-being, and vitality. Moreover, it creates good health as well.

According to experts, there are lots of Chinese Feng Shui tips to enhance the energy in your home. Some of them include the following:

Keep house clean

Keeping your house clean and tidy is one of the foremost Feng Shui tips to follow for all. Clutter and dirt make your stay in lower resonance. Lower resonance makes you feel heavy and it leads to cause diseases, depression, etc. When you make your home tidy, you will feel healthy, have fresh air, and have high resonance.

Concentrate on the center of the home

As per this Chinese Feng Shui tip, you need to always keep the center of your home clean and tidy. Consider this area as an earth element and make your health energy stronger by putting objects symbolizing the earth such as plants in big pots, pottery, rocks, and sculptures. Also try to use earthy colors such as browns, terra cotta, yellows, and golds.

If there is a washing machine or bathroom in the center of your home, then your energy is going down the drain. So, shut down the doors or toilet, keep the washer lid down, and make the shower or sink drains closed when you don’t use them. Put a mirror on the external area of the bathroom door to drive back the energy into the home.

Place plants inside the home for adding a vibrant energy

Place healthy, lush, and vibrantly green plants inside your home. Avoid spiky and weeping plants such as mulberry and windows because they can bring depression. The bedroom is one of the most important areas to place healthy plants, as you spend a lot of your time resting and refreshing there. So consider adding some there.

Avoid spiral staircases

Spiral staircases are very unhealthy because their corkscrew design generates downward energy. If you have spiral staircases, then apply some additions such as; putting a large potted plant beneath the stairwell and sending it upward. Put another plant at the upper part of the stairs to pull the energy up when you climb them. Cover the handrail with a green silk vine, which will expel healing energy when you walk up the stairs.

Avoid electric items on your bed

Keep electric items including phones, radios, and phones away from your bed. These electrical items have lower resistance and take up vital energy from you. So you should avoid them in your bed.

Ensure the air is fresh and healthy

Use air filters in your home areas where allergies or unhealthy air are an issue. To keep air passing in all the areas of your home is a wonderful idea to apply this Chinese Feng Shui tip to avoid all kinds of allergies.

To conclude, Chinese Feng Shui tips can make a great impact in increasing the energy in your home. So, apply these proven tips and feel and pass on vibrant energy in your home to live healthy, happy, and prosperous.

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