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How to Tell Which Turf Suits Your Backyard The Most

To know which turf suits the best for your backyard you need to analyze a whole lot of options available in the grass section. Since modern age has given us the liberty to choose from a wide variety of things in every single category. Be it clothing, entertainment, or even food we have ample choices to choose from.

Similarly in the case of selecting the right turf for your backyard you need to shuffle through the options available. Professional and skilled Turf Care can help you greatly in finding the right turf for your lawn areas.

The factors which are vital for deciding the turf type for your lawn are:

  • Sunlight and shade tolerance factors
  • Climatic conditions
  • Colour and aesthetics based on customer’s preference and choice

A professional Turf Care can let you know about all the varieties of turf available along with their individual pros and cons. The most appropriate kind of grass made available to homeowners in the warm season is the Durban grass.

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The major types of grasses available are Augustine grass, Zoysia, couch, Bermuda grass, and Kikuyu. All of them are good for the warm season. Durban grass is one type that can tolerate full shade without any trouble. Buffalo or Augustine grass can also tolerate a bit of shade every day.

But Zoysia and couch grass need at least six hours of direct sunlight every day. Kikuyu is the type of grass that literally hates to be under shade. It needs sunlight to perform well all year round. Bermuda grass has two variants like Yukon and Rivera which are nothing but newly generated tolerant varieties.

Once you are through with which type of turf to get for your lawn, the next step is to maintain it. For that concern, you can hire a professional Turf treatment that can take good care of your lawn completely. Best Turf treatment can provide assistance to homeowners on how they can increase the beauty of their lawns by trimming and pruning garden plants or by telling them the ways to replace Kikuyu lawns with more shade-tolerant grass.

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