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Preparing a Home Improvement Budget

It’s easy to get excited over the prospect of updating your home. Once you start thinking about how the finished projects will improve the beauty of your home, your project list may get longer than you expected.

In order to stay within your limits and avoid the stress or remorse that can come from overspending, you should prepare a home improvement budget.

Make a Priority List

Although every home improvement project has its good points, some projects are actually more beneficial than others. Projects that can reduce your energy costs and protect your home from weather-related damage should be high on your priority list.

You can get roof replacement costs in Portland Oregon so that a new roof can be factored into your improvement budget. After all, it’s the roof that protects the contents of the house. New gutters and replacement windows are other projects that should be near the top of your priority list.

Interior Projects

When prioritizing interior improvement projects, you should consider the return on investment the project offers. Updating the kitchen and bathroom generally yields a good return.

Replacing flooring is also a beneficial project to consider. You might want to do some of the home improvement projects such as painting or replacing cabinet hardware yourself to help stretch your improvement budget.

Exterior Projects

Small improvements can make a noticeable difference in the curb appeal of your home. A new mailbox, updated house numbers, and new porch furniture can make a big impact on the curb appeal of your home.

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Updating the front door or garage door can instantly improve the curb appeal of your home. You may want to get some landscaping estimates from local companies to see if a landscape upgrade can be worked into the budget.

Once you’ve taken care of the big home improvement projects, you can make small changes such as buying new furniture, rugs, and accessories as your budget allows. You’ll be less stressed and more satisfied with yourself if you don’t over-extend your finances when doing improvement projects.

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