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Things to consider before you buy stair lift for your home

A home with multiple storeys looks magnificent but does pose some mobility problems. It is not easy to juggle between floors for any person. When there are aged people and people with illness staying in the home, then mobility is a lot more difficult. As a senior care consultant, I would recommend the use of a stair lift not only for the convenience of the aged person in the family but also for those who have general joint and muscular ailments.

Stair lifts are easy accessories to move freely in the home without any restrictions. When you decide to invest in good quality stair lift then ensure that you ponder the following points.

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Experienced company

With the market flooded with so many brands offering several varieties and claiming to be the number one brand, you need to be wiser in choosing the best one. Experience can play a vital role in selection as only an experienced company will have the expertise to tackle all kinds of odds in the installation process. Their presence in the field for a longer period is also proof of their good quality of workmanship. Look for companies that can offer larger models with more price range.

Insurance coverage

Many of the sophisticated stair lifts come in a heavy price range. It may be difficult to put such a huge amount at stake.

However, you can discuss with the insurance agents to know if proper insurance coverage is provided for such high-end models. The basic models may not be very pricey but getting insurance covers ensures that you can mitigate the losses in case any technical snags do happen after installation. Also, enquire about warranty periods and so on which again helps in covering the losses at least for a stipulated period.

Decide on straight or curved

Straight stair lifts are much easier to install and not so expensive too. But, if you have a curved staircase then fixing a straight lift may ruin the total appearance of the home interiors. But, curved lifts are expensive and require meticulous planning and installation. Straight does not take much time to install and the entire work can be finished within a week.

A curved lift requires a higher level of precision and some changes to the construction may also be required which consumes more time in installation. To save on cost many homeowners will make minor modifications to the shape of the stairs which can be a more cost-efficient solution rather than installing a sophisticated curved lift. Such aspects have to be inquired into in detail before you buy one.

New, old, or rent

Not all can afford to shell out money to install the stair lift though it may be very essential for them due to their medical conditions. You can opt for a second-hand lift which comes at a lower price. Another option can be to take the stair lift for rent which is a viable solution. This is mainly in cases where the stair lift is required only for a limited period.

Features of the lift

Stair lifts come with advanced features that have been researched before you invest in one. Safety features like sensor alarm, the height of the chair, seat belt, and so on are now available with a sophisticated mechanism. Too many features may hamper its smooth running unless proper maintenance is done. Look for features that can be useful to you and the inmates of the home and pick the best one. Make sure that the stair lift your pick blends well with the overall design and interiors of the home.

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